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Problem with urerthra and vagina combined?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 2, 2010
  • 08:37 PM

So I am not sure what is wrong with me and it's getting worse but I want to rule out any possible cureable infection before I shell out money at the doctor's office so any help would be so appreciated.
This started a few weeks ago: Two different symptoms, sometimes only one would occurr, they seemed unrelated, and the symptoms only ocurred for about 10 or so minutes once or twice a day and then subsided. They now last more like 30-120 minutes, still only once or twice a day, but they are really bothersome and are increasing in severity it seems! So, first symptom: an intense itching ONLY in my vaginal opening, exactly where the hymen would be if I had one. It itches nowhere else. The other symptom: a painful not really burning sensation but more like a stinging as if I'm about to leak-really have to go in my urethra. When I pee, that sensation seems stronger and as soon as I finish peeing I get a sharp burst of it. I feel as if I still have to pee, or strain to pee even right after I just peed! Sometimes the sensation is unbearable! Those are my only symptoms, no redness or swelling and no noticeable odd discharge. At first I thought it was a UTI tested for a uti, came back positive with white blood cells, but not for nitrates, so I thought I had a yeast infection, tested my ph in vagina and urine, came back normal, indicating it wasn't a urinary problem or serious vaginal condition just a yeast infection. So I took monistat 1 a week ago- with no result. Just today did the urinary symptoms seem to double in pain, before it was withstandable but just now it got really bad. Could it be a reacion to condoms or toilet paper or detergent or something? Or could it be a combination of yeast infection AND UTI? Maybe IC or Pelvic Floor Dysfunction or urethritis?? Or *god fobid* STD (although I only have one sexual partner and he has no STDs)? I just can't seem to find one condition that matches my symptoms, only bits and pieces of my symptoms match different conditions and I've been doing so much research and I'm getting very frustrated!

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