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Your thoughts on my symptoms,PLEASE HELP!!!

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  • Posted By: silvercrush
  • April 11, 2009
  • 04:00 AM


I am wanting to describe my symptoms and wanted to get feedback on what you all think. Hopefully someone has had the same problem so I know what may be wrong with me. Almost 6 years ago I developed a pain right above my bra strap, between T1 and T4(thoractic spine), the pain is on my spine, not my muscles or anything, actually on the spine itself and on the side of the spine bone itself, about 2 inches long. The pain is sooooooooo unbearable now and has gotten much much worse since I first felt it. The pain is so bad now that it radiates through to my chest. I had an x-ray and MRI without contrast done and they cannot find anything. I started seeing a pain management dr and he put me on nerve medicines, muscle relaxers, imflammitory meds plus pain meds. The pain medicine is the only thing that helps me at least get through my day even though it doesn't totally get rid of all the pain, it just makes it bearable enough. The pain feels like a burning,stabbing and throbbing pain. It hurts all day long and it doesn't matter if I have done activies or not. It doesn't matter how I lay, sit or stand, it hurts in all positions. I feel really shaky, weak in my legs that it is difficult to walk, weak in my arms,nauseated and twitchy in the morning. From 1-10 my pain is always a 10, it makes me cry. The spot can't be touched or massaged or I will cry. I have tried yoga, ti chi and light excersise, it's too painful to endure. It is ruining my life, I can't even go upstairs or pick my children up without the excrusiating(sp?) killing me. The pain dr gave me therapy shots and they didn't work at all, not one bit. So my pain dr ended up discharging me without further test which makes me very very upset. Something is wrong with me, VERY wrong and they gave up. I am a total wreck because I can't live with it. I have had 3 tumors in my life so I am I notorious to get tumors, I am so worried!!! I have a pea size hard lump in my lower spine and I don't know how that would make my upper spine T1-T4 be in sever pain when I don't have pain where that mass is, or maybe it can? I also have had one wet accident that came from nowhere. I don't know where that came from. My body feels weak and I just can't live like this. My spine pain is out of control!! It feels like a knife in my back 24-7!! Literally! I can't stand it one bit! I hope someone can help me with this. Maybe someone has had the same problems. I have to find a new pain management dr because if I don't have any pain meds, I will be in pain ***l, but I need a resolution to fix my back. Thank you for reading and really really hope you guys can help. I have felt alone for so long and thought this would be the place I would find others like me. I live in Forney, Texas, 5 minutes away from Dallas county. Please please please post your advice, experiences that are similar or anything you can help me with, I dont want to feel alone anymore:(:(:(

~Robin N.

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