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T6-T9 severe chronic pain daily help needed

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  • Posted By: Mike Jajkowski
  • February 18, 2007
  • 04:16 AM

Hi, I'm a 26 year old electrician, in very good health and great shape. I fell in november 2004, 10' from a aerial lift onto a tailgate of a pickup when it was in the up position. At the time, i broke 2 ribs and the pain went away about a month after the accident. Around 8 months later, I was starting to get pain in my mid back when sitting, or standing in the same position. Went to a physical therapy for 4 months, he said i had
"growing pains". He didn't do nothing for me, so then in march of 2005 around 6 months after PT i went to see a chiropractor. He did adjustments on me, it went on for about 2 months, and the pain was still very bad, and getting worse little by little weekly. I was on vicodine 7.5 200 mg 5 x daily, with flexoril 10mg at night.

After 3 months he asked how i was, i told him it still hurts. He told me, that mid back pain is very easy to correct because of the rib structure that supports the mid back is the strongest in the back.sent me for and mri as follows, i will type it out summarized from the findings sheet..

Clinical indictions: Patient experiences chronic mid back pain

findings: a skin marker has been placed at the T4 level. there appears to be mild anterior wedging of the t7 vertebral body. no abnormal signal is appreciated of the T7 vertebral body however. The T7-T8 disc displays mild posterior buldging. No compression of the spinal cord is seen.

no posterior discal promineneces are noted. the remaining osseous signal intensity is consisent with normal marrow and cortex. The signal intestity of the spinal cord is unremarkable. Incidentally noted are CSF flow void artifacts within the thecal sac. the vascular elements are unremarkable.

1. mild anterior wedging of T7. This may be due to a mild old compression deformity of the result of physiologic wedging.
2. mild posterior disc buldging at the t7-t8 level. no neural compression is noted.

(sorry that was so long)

This is what has been done so far.

1.filed lawsuit from previous employer
2. sought pain management

I've been on 7.5 200 mg vicoproferin. Since january 07 he switched me to 10mg 325 norco's.

i use lidocaine patches which don't work or stick
I've had steriod injections.
i've had facet injections, shots that destroy nerve cells in the facet joint
I've had 2 radio freq nerve ablasion. (1)right side spine (1) left side of spine

its been 5 weeks since the right side, 3 weeks since left.

Still in SEVERE pain every friggin day. Has anyone had this similar problem? what was done to calm the pain down? Can i have a fusion done on that part of my T-Spine? Anyone know what my options are? Doctors just want money, and don't want to give me answers. My whole is has been effected by this, I dont' sleep, i forget things because its hard to concintrate. Basically my quality of life is very very bad. Not the typical 26 year old life of a handsome, 26 yr old, hard working man. Sometimes I feel like i should give up on life.. Please help

i'm from the illinois area. I will travel anywhere if there is a Great! doctor out of state within reason..

Thanks for reading this and hope to get some input..

Mike Jajkowski

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