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No treatment relief have several diagnosis'

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  • Posted By: mshedgehog
  • December 18, 2010
  • 04:18 AM

I'm new here and looking for help and answers like everyone else. My Story: In March 2007 began having severe low back pain after doing household cleaning and yard work. After no relief after a month of chiropractic care I saw my md. Started the typical xrays, PT, pain killers. Nothing helped. PT started increasing my pain as their focus was on core strengthening. I was working 30 hours a week. The pain made it difficult to get up every morning. I would cry getting ready, cry on the way to work, go into work late and leave early most days. I constantly sat on ice or used a heating pad when possible. I would use a TENS unit while working and lay down any chance I could. I tried several different chairs to see if one would be more comfortable, none were.I finally couldn't tolerate the pain and stopped working on September 20, 1007. I am surrenylt fighting to get SSDI. My symptom included low back pain, bilateral hip, bilateral groin, bilateral leg tightness. I would have occasional toe numbness, occasional pain in my feet especially in my arches due to knots from cramping in my feet. I was referred to pain management. They tried epidurals injection, trigger point injection, facet joint blocks, and I continued PT but with a different office. I was only able to tolerate stretching, massage, ice, and electrical stim. I went from several medications ranging from vicodin, soma, darvocet, percocet, morphine,kadian, klonipin, and non steroid anti inflammatory. I was eventually sent for a consultation with a surgeon. He recommended a discography since my MRI's and Xrays did not reveal anything definitive other than DDD. The discography showed a annular fissure of L5/S1. I had spinal fusion of L5.S1. It was an anterior and posterior approach. They used the cage with the sponge. Surgery was September 8 and 10, 2008. I have not had any relief. About 4 weeks post surgery I fell on our stairs and landed on my right hip/butt cheek. I started having tail bone pain but didn't notice any new pain other than that. My condition has not gotten any better. I am still taking these medications: Kadian, Morphine IR, Klonipn, Celebrex, Neurontin for pain. I also take Metformin for type 2 diabetes (recently diagnosed 3-4 months ago), Pristique (anti depressant), and Loestrin (birth control to manage endometriosis). After a year post surgery I had a CT mylogram, another epidural, saw 2 more surgeons. One said I can't find anything wrong with you, move on with life and try to deal with the pain. The other surgeon was much more willing to try to help me. He suggested that I try a SI joint injection. The first one helped. I would say that had about 60% relief. I was able to do things that I had not done in 3 years. We were moving and I was able to pack and move some boxes. I would wake up in the morning without feeling stiff, sore, groggy, even after all the moving. I had relief for 3 weeks. The second injection for some reason only had 1/2 of the steroid that was included in the first injection. I had NO relief at all. I got a third injection with assurance that there was the same dosage of steroid in the first injection. I did not get any relief. I was diagnosed with SI Joint dysfunction, however I fell into the 30% category that did not receive relief fom the injections (other than the first). I was very disappointed. I was referred to a physical medicine doctor. He did a nerve conduction test. He found inflammation and nerve damage at L5/S1. I do not know if this was a result of surgery or it there was damage all along. That doctor said he believes that i have Chronic Inflammatory disease. He recommended bilateral selective nerve root blocks. I had some relief from leg tightness in the back of my leg on the left side. (they only do one side each injection). I am getting the right side done Monday, December 20, 2010. I have started doing some research online about inflammatory conditions or muscular conditions that could be the cause of my pain. The surgeon that diagnosed the Si Joint dysfunction told me that fusion surgery is very invasive and complicated and that he didn't think that it would be of benefit to me. However, I stumbled upon your web site and wanted to get some more information. I have asked my MD to send me to a rheumatologist. I am hoping that maybe he/she will have some ideas of tests to try or treatments that have not been done. Am I better off pursuing trying an iFuse surgery for SI Joint dysfunction? Spinal cord stimulator? Diagnosis I have been given for my pain: I reviewed the diagnosis's that I have been given: failed back sugery, spondylosis (per MRI report), chronic inflammatory disease (based on nerve conduction test), DDD(per pain management and physical medicing MD), small posterior disc bulge together with mild facet disease L4/L5 (per Lumbar CT 3/5/10). There's a herniated disc L4/L5 (per MRI 11/6/09), SI Joint Dysfunction (per surgeon & 1/3 si joint injections that helped) This Dr. will not see me again because he says there is nonthing he can go to help me since I have a complicated condition. He didn't think a SI joint fusion woul d be good due to the common complicated intense surgery involved. There is a mild bone spur growing in my si joint (per x ray of sacrum & coccyx 7/29/10 it doesn't say which side). I am almost 32, I live in constant pain everyday. My common pain level on a scale of 0-10 is usually 5-7 WITh all of the medications I am on. Although I can and do have pain without activity, the pain can increase with activity. I spend the majority of my day laying in a hospital bed so I can adjust my legs and back. I lay on ice and a heating pad. Heat helps the muscles relax. I know it increases inflammation, but I feel better with the heating pad. I even have some skin discoloration from the heating pad. Sometimes when the weather is bad my pain is worse and it takes everything i can muster up to get out of bed. My husband does the majority of the cooking, cleaning, childcare, shopping, cooking, sometimes even takes me to my doctor appointments cause I can't tolerate driving. I am unable to get my hair done, grocery shop, take my teenage step daughters to the mall,help in my 5 yr olds kindergarten class. I can't have sex without my hips spasming and increasing my pain. (I also have internal pain with sex.) When I sit in a chair or drive longer that 5-15 minutes I get sharp throbbing bilateral groin pain. We adopted our 5 year old from foster care since I was unable to get pregnant. We will finalizing the adoption of our almost 3 yr old daughter in January or February 2011. I am not able to be the active mom that they want and deserve. I feel like my husband and teen step daughters have to take care of the house. I don't want to be on morphine or narcotics the rest of my life, but I am afraid of the pain increasing. I hope you can help me. Some doctors have told me to accept my condition and adjust as much as I can but I am not ready to accept that as ananswer. Any ideas are appreciated. I live in Northern California Thank you :confused::)

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