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Need advice, 6 months of pain.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 8, 2010
  • 01:45 PM

Hi. I'm sorry about the lousy topic title :/

Basic details just in case; I'm 25, female, slim, before the incident I was healthy, I don't drink or smoke. Anyway..

Last December (New Years Eve morning) I lost my footing on the top of the stairs at home and fell down right down to the bottom. My memory is hazy of it, as I think the shock of it got to me, so I'm sorry the details there aren't too great. Due to the injuries I got I figure I must of fell to the side a little, then slid down at least half of the stairs. My ribs and my back from the middle down were really sore, I couldn't breathe very well, and I was left with bruises on the right thigh and a bit further down the leg. I remember asking for an ambulance but for some reason my dad didn't call for one, but nm :/ I must be too soft, heh.

Before this I had problems with my coxyx after a fall on the ice in February 2009 (and another fall before that when I was a kid), so that was aggravated as well.

6 months later it's gradually gotten better, more or less. My coxyx still punishes me for sitting every now and then, and for some reason my left leg from the top to just above the back of my knee aches quite a bit, again for sitting for a short time. I work in an office all day, but even before this I like to get up and walk around a bit. Despite the knee deep snow, ice, poor public transport we had at the time of my injury my workplace still insisted I get to work the following monday. January/February were a nightmare for me, I think I had two days off for this, one had to be taken as a holiday.

The day after it all happened I did get a home visit from my doctor. He had a look at my back, ribs, and it seems like he could find nothing wrong except for the bruises on my thigh & leg :/ I know back injuries are hard to prove, but I did feel a lot more helpless after this. No advice besides resting for the short time I had before going back to work after the xmas break (which was 4 days I think).

I've been back to the docs since and at last after 6 months I've been referred to physio therapy. For the last week the middle and lower part of my back's been very sore, even when I'm sitting at my desk for only a few minutes. Before this it would just bother me if I stupidly lurched slightly while standing at my desk instead of sitting, but now I feel I can't win with it. I had some time off a few weeks ago, so I thought maybe I'm not used to sitting at a desk anymore and my back's complaining about it :P Using my jacket as a cushion for my computer chair only seems to irritate it further, sitting straight without it doesn't help, so apart from getting up every 5 minutes for a 20 minute walk during work I don't know what to do. I'm hoping psyiotherapy (ack can't spell sorry) will do the trick.

The doc's still have no comment about the state of my back so I do not know what's wrong with it. The pain sometimes gets so much it usually kills my appetite enough to make me feel sick, and quite frankly I'm tired of it. I used to be a breakfast person, and now I can barely stomach the thought of it.. but nm that's another matter.

I'm sorry the post is huge, I do type too much. Any advice would be great :) Thanks.

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