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HELP! I want to find hope.

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  • Posted By: HurtSoldierMom
  • May 18, 2008
  • 04:08 AM

OK I normally don't do this kind of thing. BUT, I figuered if I could find help with my computer, my lawn mower, and my cooking off of forums, hopefully I could find help with my BACK also.

OK the quick version.

I woke up with huge pain in my upper back and neck on January 21, 2008.

The Doctor I went to told me that it is almost impossible to hurt your upper back unless it is a huge injury like a car wreck. He wrote in my file that I am faking. MY PA really knows I am hurt, but she can only keep sending me to different specialists that may or may not help me.

I in so much pain, there is no way I would fake this.

OK here we go, here are the symptoms:

On my upper back, right in the middle, I have a swollen hump that is red and hurts at the touch. I look like I am turning into a hunch back, but right in the middle at the top of my upper back.

If I don't take my Neurontin, MY upper backs burns REALLY bad around the swollen area and extended out from that area. IT is really sensitive to the touch when I am not on my neurontin. IT feels like I have a really bad sun burn in that area.

(you know that feeling after you have been at the pool all day and you go inside to watch TV and your back BURNS ALOT that evening, but it is not all the way red yet... that is what my upper back feels like. You know the next day when someone pats you one the back, and you kind of let out a little scream - that is what my upper back feels like)

I have alot of upper back pain. It feels like throbbing all in my upper back and neck.

My neck is stiff and sometimes is stiffer at times than at others. Today it is very stiff and throbs alot.

My upper back sometimes feels like my spine is becoming a pole instead of a spine. It is really stiff sometimes, like right now.

My right hand and arm are weaker and are getting weaker a little at a time.

Sometimes, but not always, I have shooting pain, and sometimes "electrical" buring in my arm. BUT, not always. And sometimes it "feels" numb, but I can still use it. And then sometimes my fingers on my right hand feel "slow" or just a little asleep.

I have this strange feeling sometimes. If I move just in a certain way, I feel like I could float. I know that sounds crazy as heck, but it is true. I actually feel like I could float or sleep sometimes, just by moving in a certain spot.

And the freaking headaches. I have this type of headache that starts at the bottom of the right side of the back of my neck and goes perfectly in a straight line over the top of my head and ends about one each above my right eye. I could actually draw a line where the headache will be when it starts.

After reading all of this, I can see why the Drs are confused. I am!

OK tests done so far -

MRI - the very young resident, who never even looked at my back, but only the MRI, said I have NO pinched nerve or herniated disc and will be sending me to physical therapy for my arm and hand. I do have bulging disc. BUT for my age (40), the Drs said that is normal.

X-Ray - Nothing broken. BUT, when I was doing the X-rays, I had to hold to 10 pd bags in each hand to get a good photo - that pulling down of my arms really hurt my upper back. IT was the type of pain that is like early labor - Pressure with a little pain.

I have had alot of Blood test - with slightly raised RF. BUT, the Dr said that was really non-conclusive.

Right this very second, my upper back is throbbing with pain, my upper back and neck are so stiff, I feel like my spine is turing into a pole, and my right hand is slow.

Please help me!

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