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Doubly Herniated, Protruded and Torn

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  • Posted By: urmenior
  • September 22, 2011
  • 06:04 AM

Hi. I'm 22 years old and from Turkey. I have been into sports for years (100 m. tracking, weightlifting, powerlifting, basketball). For a couple years I'd had slight leg pain but that did not bother me whatsoever. 2 months ago, however, the longer I set on computer for my finals, the worse the pain became. Knowing what muscle pain felt like, I figured it was neural and visited a neural surgeon. She wanted to see my MRI scan and the report was a joke; I had two herniated disks (L4-L5, L5-S1), protrusion and annular tear (L3-L4). I had almost no loss of movement, so she said nothing was needed to do, gave me a muscle relaxer and said I should go back if my bain became worse. It didn't get worse, but I was unable to sit for half hour without pain, I had to lie down or walk. So I visited another doctor, he ordered some injections (Can't say it didn't work at all) and then physiotherapy, but it turns out I have to wait for my turn for physiotherapy at a public hospital, more than a month and I'm still waiting for their call (Can't afford a private hospital). Meanwhile I was doing all I could at home, back extensions and back stretching relieved my pain. For 2 months or so, my leg pain almost disappeared, at least it is not much worse than it had been for a couple years. I was able to do cardio again - and being inactive aggravated the pain.

But now my problem is much worse. 2 days ago, as I was sitting, I felt a sharp, knife-like acute pain in my lower back. I had never had this symptom until two days ago and it came out of nowhere. I'm starting to think it is a new problem. Yesterday I went to a doctor, he didn't seem interested in this new symptom and gave me injections and muscle relaxers. The injection helped a little for a few hours (Maybe placebo) but the pain is horrible. I can't flex my back without this pain (As in crunches, which had never ever hurt me), crawling as I lie down hurts too. Things which relieved my leg pain now seems to aggravate this pain. The pain is right in my spine, opposite to my leg pain, which was hard to locate where it was hurting, which makes me think that muscle relaxers will be of no avail, though I might be wrong. What comes to mind is my tear has got worse two days ago, and doctors never mentioned the tear, I saw in the reports but theymerely focused on hernia and muscle relaxers for it.

Now my question is; can my pain be caused by the problems I mentioned in the beginning, or is it likely that I acquired something new? Also, what are some exercises you'd recommend to treat my existing problems? I know how posterior chain works and what is normally good for it but I'm lost when an injured posterior chain is the case. Thank you.

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