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  • Posted By: coralann
  • December 1, 2007
  • 08:15 PM

Hi everyone, (i have also posted this in the Neurological Forum)

My problems started back in June. I had a nasty dose of Camperloacter poisoning and was ill for three weeks. Three weeks after that I after feeling quite well I had a nasty evening of diarrehea which soon stopped but then tingling in both my hands and arms up to the elbow and the same in my legs and feet up to my knees. I went along to my surgery a number of times before my GP finally took the step of refering me to a Neurogist. The appointment came through and was for 6 weeks time! While i was awaiting the appointment my symptoms became worse. The tingling became louder(like holding a chainsaw!) and was accompanied by strange numb feelings and crawling sensations, but the worse feeling of all was the fatigue, a feeling of absolute exhauston that i have never felt before. I couldn't move to do anything (very difficult with three kids and no family), was faint and dizzy all the time and can only describe the feeling as a feeling like i was disolving. My symptoms stayed this way and then slowly improved over the next four weeks. I never lost the use of any of my limbs. My breathing was affected slightly with heart pulpatations and a feeling that i actively had to make my chest take the breath in. I also had a funny sensation in my throat that over days spread down to my chest before disappearing. I realize that compared to some if not most i have been lucky.
So my appointment with the neurologist arrives, he tests all my responses takes history and tells me i have mild Guillian Barre and what it is. At this point in the illness i'm feeling quite well, some tiredness but really nothing more. The Neurologist decides he doesn't need to see me again and that's that! Well great i'm lucky, shocked but lucky and i'm on my way up i think, that is until the end of the week when all the symptoms come back!

Since then i have never been totally free of the symptoms most days i 'disolve' the sensations are now in my upper arms also and extent up to my buttocks where my legs are concerned, there are also shooting pains. I feel 'ill' everyday and even though i have tried to seek help from my GP all he has done is tell me it will take a long time to get over and has told me GBS is a virus....which it isn't! How am i supposed to have any faith in him treating me if he doesn't understand what i have wrong with me? I also keep getting bouts of diarrehea and all he has done is given my anti depressants, which i don't need and won't take. Do i keep getting these upsets because my immunity cannot get ride of other illnesses because it is so haywire?

I would appreciate any help and advice anyone has. It has now been 6 months since the foodpoisoning and subsequent onset of GBS, without improvement considering i have mild GBS . I just feel so down and im finding it hard to cope. I have had to give up work and uni and feel i have no purpose anymore

Thanks in advance

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