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Cushings? Other autoimmune disease?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 4, 2010
  • 05:40 PM

Age: 28

I am desperately hoping someone has a clue about what is going on with me. I have struggled with my weight and health for the last five years. I decided two years ago, I was sick of it and things were going to change. Talked to my doctor and explained that I had a healthy lifestyle. I was eating 1200 calories and day and gym three times a week for 45-60 minutes. I am very active with my children, husband, dogs, etc, but I hadn’t been able to get off any of the weight gained with my last child. He put me on Phentermine and I was able to lose 20 IB in three months.

I had a good couple months and decided it was time for another lifestyle change. Even though I am healthy, I have naturally high Cholesterol so I went back on my vegetarian diet. I was a vegetarian for 7 years previous to my children. I thought that the change would assist in loosing more weight, but I actually gained about 5 IB’s back.

In August of 2009 I suddenly developed a lump below my neck right between my shoulder blades. I thought it was a sports related injury at the gym although I hadn’t really changed my weight routine that much. I went to chiropractor and she said it looked like tension/pulled muscle and said I did have a slight spine misalignment. I have been going to her every 6 weeks since. I still have the lump.

In December 2009, I quit smoking. Since then I have gained 25 IB’s. I have been dieting and exercising (when I don’t feel like a zombie) but no weight lost so far.

In February of 2010, I developed a rash on the side of my neck. Small, bright red pus filled bumps. Thought it might a bacterial infection of some sort. I was utterly embarrassed. I have good hygiene I swear! I went to Urgent Care and they gave me antibiotic. No help, the bumps got worse. I contact my PMP and got in to see his partner. He gave me another antibiotic. No help! I waited a few more weeks and thought maybe it would clear on it’s on. Nothing changed. Went to a dermatologist that determined it was from the use of Proactive on my face for so long. I never understood that, but I was willing to try anything. She told me to stop using Proactive and gave the prescriptions for $200 worth of face cream and another antibiotic. My neck grew worse and I developed severe acne of my face. I was livid! Just touching my face made me tear it was so painful. I went back to my PMP, who gave me another antibiotic and referred me to a different derm. I went to the new derm, she thought that my neck might have been a reaction to the natural yeast in your body? She said it’s definitely not acne and said all other creams that I had used were for acne. She gave me milder acne med for my face and an antibiotic cream for my neck and an oral antibiotic. There was no change.

I decided to go all natural for a while. I did a colon cleanse and only used natural washes and lotions on my entire body. I thought this is got to be it. This is going to help my skin. I don’t need doctors and all their meds! Yeah, no changes 

During the course of this year in addition to these skin problems I have also had numerous upper respiratory infections. Boils have developed on my neck. The skin around my eyes has become paper thin and has changed colors (dark and spotty). I have had a sore, swollen red throat for over 4 weeks now. Headaches daily, back pain, dizziness, muscle aches and pains, no energy, frequent urination at night, night sweats, consistent low grade fever, memory loss, slight swelling in my hands and feet.

I go through spurts (a day, a week, maybe two) where I physically feel fine. No aches and pains or fever. Then it hits again. The last time it hit, it hasn’t left. I have been sick for a consistent four or five weeks.

I went back to my PMP two weeks ago and demanded they do blood work. Enough is enough. He said he would check me for Lupus and some other autoimmune diseases, plus my red/white blood count. Everything came back normal except the blood work showed some inflammation. He placed me on an extremely strong antibiotic. It’s typically used to treat anthrax poisoning or Meningitis. It is also known to help with acne. He placed me on a double dose for twice the normal recommended treatment time. After taking the meds like clock work for seven days, I actually got worse. I had more bumps on my neck and more boils develop. My acne stayed the same. My headaches got worse and I felt very weak. My bones started to ache in addition to my muscles. I made another appointment and went back to my doctor yesterday. He gave me a cortisones shot and a shot of antibiotics in my hip. They are running more blood work and checking for Cushings. I originally thought Cushing was an option, but it doesn’t make sense because I have inflammation. If I have an excess of Cortisol in my system, I should have no inflammation.

Sorry this is so long… Does anyone have a similar experience?

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