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Autoimmune hepatitis in male?

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  • Posted By: seastar
  • March 21, 2012
  • 02:04 AM

I am writing to see if anyone will be able to respond to me as I am extremely nervous. A 58 year old male very close to me has had MS for a few years and was taking beta seron injections every other day. He is doing very well with the MS and symptoms, having a very slow progression, with minor, but annoying symptoms (fatigue, numbness, balance, memory...)

Three years ago he went to the ER with pleursy and the CT found an ascending aorta aneurysm. Since then, his poor body has just gone down hill with one thing after another everytime he goes to the doctor. His ANA was high 1:400 or 500??) and the dr. said he was positive for sjogrens, but not lupus. Benign liver cysts also were shown on a scan along with gallstones but nothing else. He learned he has osteoporosis (used steroids only once for a week with MS, so steroids aren't the reason) and found the reason was spilling calcium in urine so began a very low diuretic. Next they found he has an atrial septal aneurysm (in the wall of his heart). Then in Dec. he had bloodwork and his liver enzymes, which were normal 6 months prior, and always have been, were high. More blood work was ordered and his ANA was too high to be measured >than 1:1280. From what I read, they don't even count after that. It was also speckled. His amonia level was also high and he is on a medication that is supposed to lower it and he will be having blood work soon to see if it worked. Not sure if it a long term medication or temporary, but he does have a prescription for a year, and it is $200 a month (with insurance!) :p

His neurologist stopped the beta seron injections because they affect the liver and says it is posible the problems stem from there.

He made an appointment with a liver specialist but has only seen the PA 2 times. (which frustrated him) She said she suspects he has autoimmune hepatitis and to confirm it he needs to have a liver biopsy. He was told that he would see the doctor after the biopsy. (Maybe the doctor doesn't want to waste time with the patient until all the tests are in, or if something isn't wrong) We spent quite a bit of time with the PA. I asked if there is hope that he doesn't have this disease and she said there is hope. But I wonder if she just said that because she just wanted to get us out the door, to be honest.

His other doctor said he would be surprised if he doesn't have it, but anything is possible.

Everything I read is about women. I haven't seen a man with this. I also want to know if there is a chance that this could be something else. And something not devistating, too. I am sure I am asking for too much and am trying to remain humble. This man has so much going on. I really hate for him to have this or anything worse on top of it all. He will be going for a liver biopsy within the month, I guess. He is really afraid and hesitating.

Does anyone have any wise words of encouragement for us? Or even the plain truth?? that's ok too. sigh... Thank you very much.

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