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Rheumatoid Arthritis?

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  • Posted By: VinniV
  • December 28, 2007
  • 08:38 PM

I was originally diagnosed as having tendonitis in my left wrist after lifting something too heavy, in mid-November. However December 10th, I began experiencing aching in the inter-phalangeal joints of my toes and the following day the same joints also ached in my fingers. The affected joints do not include my big toes, thumbs, little toes or little fingers, but the aching is exactly the same on both right and left side of my body.

Several days later my left wrist began hurting again but so too did my right wrist indicating that it was not tendonitis, either that or just a coincidence. A few more days past and I began experiencing occassional stabbing pain in the joints as apposed to the original aching. Also both my ankles and knees began hurting during cold weather for a couple of days but I have not experienced it again since. My hip occassionaly hurts but nothing too serious. Both pain and aching is relieved by a heat source. The aching has now begun occuring in the knuckles in my fingers and above the cuneiforms of my toes but still present in my proximal inter-phalangeals. Light stiffness occured at non-regular intervals in my fingers and toes since December 19th. The pain in my joints has developed into a stabbing feeling like a needle being inserted over and over again.

By December 22nd my toes began feeling "warm" but not to touch, just the feeling of being warm as opposed to aching or pain. December 23rd, my toes began aching constantly and my toes make cracking noises when I curl them. Also now when my fingers "crack" they have begun feeling "warm". I now feel the need to crack my fingers and toes all the time to alleviate the symptoms. I'm begining to think I may have Rheumatoid Arthritis. My blood test results taken from 1 week before my fingers and toes started aching, had normal WBC and RBC levels. Today (December 27th), my fingers and toes ache worse than they have felt since this all began 3 weeks ago. I never take medication for anything but am seriously considering taking Paracetamol or Ibuprofen. I have no swelling or redness around the affected joints. Does this sound like RA because I am missing several symptoms but I can't find any other diagnosis that fits either.

Also the symptoms are worse in the evening and at night, especially if I have been doing activites during the day and then stop for a period of time. Stiffness does not occur in the morning despite having rested for a long period of time. I'm only 21 years of age.

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