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Reccuring anal abscesses for 2 years!

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  • Posted By: CarolynL1983
  • March 7, 2008
  • 01:09 AM

Hello all..I am (otherwise) healthy 25/f.

About 2 years ago I got an anal abscess, didn't know what to do so went to the ER. They diagnosed me, gave me antibiotics, and referred me to a general surgeon. I don't remember if it opened or just went away, but by the time I saw the surgeon it was gone, I thought everything was OK, he barely looked at me and said everything was fine if it was gone and sent me on my way. A month or 2 later, got another one in the same spot. Went back to the ER who did the same thing, referred me to different general surgeon. This one told me that I had a fistula and that could be why I got another one. So he did the fistulotomy. A couple months later, got another one. I thought maybe it was the doctor who made the mistake, so I asked to see a different Dr in the same practice. Again, another fistulotomy, this one told me something about my "diet".

I had the hindsight to go ahead and find an anal/rectal surgeon just in case another one came back, and sure enough one did. Saw the specialist, who was concerned about the number of fistulotomies I've had, but again performed one. He was confident that he got everything the other surgeons had missed. Thought it was over and done with, but they kept coming back up until now, I can't even count how many more I've had in the exact same spot. Every time I am examined and he can't find a fistula so he prescribes antibiotics and it opens and all is well..until another month or 2. One time he put me under so he could examine me better when I had an abscess and he could not locate the fistula, so he "gouged out" the abscess. That worked for about 2 months. Another time he used a local anesthesia and opened it himself. I've had CAT scans, MRI's, they pull up nothing.

Today I had a colonoscopy which yet again revealed absolutely nothing wrong with me.

Usually the abscess opens on it's own or "disappears". It's gotten to a point I know when one is coming and I have no pain..

I don't have "stomach problems" very often, usually when I have PMS and maybe a couple days out of the month, nothing unusual. Not to mention all the medical bills. As I said I have no other medical problems.

This is really affecting my life, I am scared to plan a vacation because I don't know if I will be in extreme pain and can't drive, etc. I've missed numerous days of work and am having trouble with the constant on painkillers/off painkillers that I am constantly taking for the pain. My Dr is concerned with me having children one day, as I have had so many fistulotomies he is concerned I might lose control of my bowels for the rest of my life during childbirth. :(

PLEASE ADVISE ANYTHING YOU THINK I CAN DO, maybe another specialist to see? A lot of people have said Crohn's but I do not have any other health issues that I see a lot of people with Crohn's having...

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