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Sinus drainage/thick mucus

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 15, 2006
  • 03:28 AM

For years I have had sinus infection problems with lots of gooey green mucus drainage. I have had two sinus surgeries and I haven't had a bad sinus infection since the last surgery about 4 years ago.

I still have alot of drainage from my sinuses draining into my throat, mostley clear to milkey and very sticky I am always clearing my throat and making weird noises trying to get the mucus up. It isn't so bad during the day, maybe because I'm upright and the mucus can drain? It is very annoying to me and others. I feel embarassed but until I can clear the mucus I can't seem to stop clearing my throat. It is really bad at night. I usually go to sleep ok but I wake up around 2:30 AM almost every night and feel the mucus hanging from my sinuses into my throat. I try to ignore it but it is too annoying. It usually takes 1-1.5 hours to clear so I can try and go back to sleep. By then I am very nervous and having anxiety problems and pinched nerves in my back from caughing. The problem is so bad and has been on going for lots of years that it seems to be controling my life. If I'm not clearing my throat, I'm wondering when I will have to and it's getting to the point I don't want to go to bed because I know I will wake up in a couple of hours and be back at it.

My ENT tells me there isn't anything he can do. He tells me to take a mucus thinner but they don't seem to work very well. Sometimes they even make the problem worse. The stickey mucus is deep in my throat and doesn't caugh up very easy.

I have been seeing a Chiroprator that specializes in applied kinesology for 3 years or so. He has treated me for yeast infection/candida, imune system disorders and digestive track problems. He seems positive that we are making progress. I am better than I was several years ago because of no sinus infections, however I am very uncomfortable and tired of this problem. I don't know where to go from here. I have also been through several alergy tests for polins, metals, food etc.

Looking for help!

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