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23 month old with serum sickness from antibiotics

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 13, 2006
  • 09:18 PM

My gorgeous little girl developed and ear infection on a sunday morning so i took her to the doctor and she was given ceclor anitbiotics ( an antibiotic she has used 3-4 times b4 for ear infections) She took the full course and ended it friday night.

Saturday morning Leah (23months old)developed an angry looking purple rash like nothing i had ever seen b4 , So i took her down the Emergency department of our local hospital at 9.30am she increasing got grumpy and started saying "hurt hurt". By 11 am my duaghter could no longer stand and she had started to swell up in her back ,hips,belly legs and feet. The doctor came to access her at 12 and we had to move her from her pusher which she had refused to get out of the whole hour b4. When we moved her she was in agony .. she couldnt move her self and just the act of laying her down was terrible for her..

The rash was diagnosed as erythemia multiforme and at this sateg the doctor thought the pain and swelling was also a result of the erythemia. They gave Leah a dose of strong antihistamines and some steroids , and over the next couple of hours the pain and swelling went down and we were sent home with the instructions to return if the stopped eating/drinking swelled up again or vomited.

She ran around and played and had fun saturday evening and seemed to have recovered but she was still stiff and limping..

Sunday morning she could only just walk and was very unhappy , she was itching like mad .. not eating not drinking, i mashed up some soft fruits thinking maybe she had a sore throat and gave it to her to eat ( shes very independent) she got some on the spoon and in trying to get it in her mouth tipped it on her hair becuase she couldnt bend her elbows, So being messy and grumpy i gave her a bath.

After her bath she couldnt move at all and her limbs looked purple, she then swelled up like nothing i have ever seen she was so swollen her skin was hard and she was like carrying a lump of wood . We took her back to the hospital she was spaced out and unable to move. she was unresponsive to everything except her pain..I have never seen my child in so much pain adn just getting her into the hospital was terrible for her , in and out of the car, in and out of the pram and onto the bed.All i could say was "im sorry baby mummy doesnt want to hurt you""im sorry" "im sorry".

They checked her over once again and found all her lymph nodes were inflammed her liver and spleen were very enlarged, she was dehydrated, the pain was in her joints and she had joint swelling , her belly was so inflammed she looked like one of those pregnant women becuase her belly button was pushed inside out and she was hard from shoulders to toes.You could not even hold her hand it hurt her too much.She was diagnosed with serum sickness.They took blood and urine samples .

She was admitted and given steriods and antihistamine and painkillers once again.. but this time the swelling did not go down she did however start to move around 5 pm sunday night

monday morning she was running around like a mad swollen penguin she was not as swollen but still a bit puffy around the edges and her belly was still the same.. around mid day she stared to swell up more again and got limited movement , i of course freaked out her swelling got worse the second day and i thought the third day would be worse again( i was serouisly worried thinking her face and airway and...... "freaked" lol) but they had given her a heap of medication . and some more when she started to swell up and that stopped it.

By monday afternoon she was off the pain killers and running around like any normal 2 year old her swelling in her limbs and face had gone down and she was extremely agressive and grumpy but happy at the same time.. The doctor explained it to me the swelling as it subsides realeases toxins in to her system which gives the moody/agressiveness but she happy to be moving lol.. She was biting hitting throwing things screaming hurting other kids. throwing herself on the floor ( acting like a teenager?? lol) Leah is usually a very happy and helpful little girl she loves helping mummy and is always praised at how good she is when we go out anywhere, she shares with her big brother and is always giggling.

It is now thursday Leahs birthday today my princess in 2 and we got home tuesday night , she is still very grumpy but i have managed to get her off the antihistamines last night.. her rash has all turned to bruises and she looks like she has been bashed up it is all over her face arms legs belly.. Her belly button only returned to normal last night and her urine came back with white cells and bacteria in it so i had to take her back yesturday for another wee test ( should find out the results today)

I have been advised to get leah on the medic alert registra and she can never have this antibiotic again (it will kill her)

Im sorry its so long winded but maybe someone who has had this can relate.. I am still trying not to cry its her birthday after all . im covered in a stress rash and am suffering from bad anxiety(what if her urine comes back again and she needs antibiotics again????) I m so alone no one understandsa me not my friends my husband no one...

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