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Help me. Twitching AND Spams thoughout body. Twitching in temple head area. Ear and jaw hurts.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 22, 2014
  • 10:50 AM

Please help me. Been to ER three times and discharge as normal two times. First time did ct scan on my head because head was hurting a lot. They just saw pressure so said it was sinus. So pressure means sinus?

But I wasn't twitching then. I didn't twitch until a week later. My head and body twitching and spasms as well as jaw and ear pain all happened on same day.

I thought twitching on the sides of my head was migraines but that wouldn't cause twitching all over body. So thinking might be seizures but I don't lose consciousness or anything. But sometimes the spasms in my body sounds like seizures, like they go on and on.

Also my jaw and ear started to hurt because my left temple area was twitching for like 5 hours and than the twitches moves around to my ear area than my jaw started to hurt as well as ear. Even lower jaw gone.

So I thought it was tmj because I had been chewing gum for like 3 days straight but do tmj causes twitches in body? Also like I said twitching on left side of the head happened first.

I really don't want another ct scan. The radiation isn't healthy. Just mad that went to er three times and two times discharge as normal with high hospital bills and I have no insurance.

So thinking seizures (hope not) never had the, in my life.
Inner ear problem

Or even mineral / vitamin imbalance.

I did start taking a lot of tums (tums has a lot of calcium ) around the time twitching started because stomach was hurting a lot. But haven't had tums since Saturday today is Tuesday .

But yeah so twitching on sides of my head than twitching moved to my ear area now jaw hurts and ear hurts. And twitching in body. All this happened same day so believe it's connected. Sometimes my heart best fast.

I really need answers but no insurance and I only work a part time job and the she hospital bills are so much and going to ruin my credit. Also last time I went he wouldn't even do any vlood test. I was thinking lyme because I have all the symptoms minus the rash and I have insects bites on my body and I was staying with my grandmother earlier months and she had a bug problem.

Ughh. Help. Do you think this is seizures. I really don't want seizures.

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  • Hi. They thought mine we're seizers too but no. My whole body will twitch uncontrollably. Its very tiring and embarrassing when I do go out. So I don't too much any more. When the twitches get real bad I can't go pee. Don't know what that's about. Never had my kidneyes tested. Doctor doesn't seem to concerned. They got so bad that I fell once outside and then inside my home. Thats when I broke my finger. Went to the er once. Was admitted. Nothing happened. No testing no nothing. Had a single room for 4 days. Nice holiday. :(
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    • November 2, 2015
    • 00:11 PM
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