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Headaches,tapeworm,fleas and my family thinks im crazy.

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  • Posted By: IWISH2LIVE
  • July 15, 2015
  • 00:45 PM

Hi I am from Indiana and my cats have fleas and tapeworm. I think I caught it from them because I found a worm that looked like a rice grain segment on my leg previously. I have been having constant headaches and insomnia rampit from the stress as I am only 15 and no one will take me seriously. I went to the ER and got a CT scan and the doctors said I looked normal. I also got a blood test and they said there was nothing. I desperately flew out to Utah to get help as if my grandma could help me but, because she isn't my legal guardian Im screwed. My symptoms have been feeling as if something is moving under my skin and in my head, headaches that don't easily go away with pain meds, hives, fatigue, blurred vision, constipation and diaheria, swelling down one whole side of my body, feeling dizzy and natious. Ive also been having trouble eating because I don't feel hunger regularly and also I don't have thirst either.I also have extremely sore joints and aches, memory loss and trouble breathing sometimes. I told the ER doctor some of these symptoms and they just ignored me, gave me an IV with benadryle and sent me right home. My family thinks I am insane because I have been crying a lot lately and complaining and complaining but, because of health insurance that I don't have, I cant get help from anyone out side of Indiana. Atm I am trapped in salt lake city Utah and have no way to get home to get medical help! Someone I know said saurcraut can kill the mother f^cking tapeworms inside me but, I have tried chamamole tea, ebay parasite killer, raw pumkin seeds, lemon juice and more and nothing seemed to work but, the raw pumpkin seeds that made me poop a little when I was constipated. I have taken some sleeping pills to knock me out but they only work for a little while and then I wake up. I have been not only feeling like the symptoms listed above but, my joints also ache and I have been having memory problems and also trouble thinking. If anyone can help me please I beg you do so! I know exactly what medication I need for this but, its far out of reach! Also I have tried pinworm meds and that did absolutely nothing but, drive the tapeworms angry. I have one side of my head that is sunken in above my ear but, swollen about a finger above the indent and the spot that is indented is purple, I also showed the ER doctors this and they acted quite puzzeled by it. I even mentioned that my cats had worms to them and they told me I coudnt catch them from my cats. We also haven't even treated our cats for anything lately and I fear that If this isn't taken care of soon I will die. For a short while I was pooping tapeworm segments and I showed my mom and she blew it off. I need help and if anyone can send me tapeworm meds out here please please I BEG U 2 DO SO.
One more thing before I end this stressful post, I also have been having a hard time getting minor problems off my mind lately as well and my family wants me to have a physc evaluation even though I've been having all these symptoms.

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