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6 y/o niece, undiagnosed

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 20, 2014
  • 07:46 PM

My niece has had hand swelling on and off for about two weeks. For the past few days she has had a low grade fever, followed by rash on arms. Dr's. Ruled out Kawasaki disease, her body is now fully rashed and she has swelling of the face arms and feet. Does anyone have any ideas? She was negative for strep and Scarlett fever also.

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  • An allergic reaction possibly ?
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    • February 21, 2014
    • 05:56 AM
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  • An allergic reaction
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • February 24, 2014
    • 00:57 AM
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  • An allergic reaction. better consult a doctor
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  • Hope she feels better soon.
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  • My dtr had similar symptoms,diagnosed as erythema multiforme.please ask pediatrician to assess.
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  • Please take a moment to analyze her diet. Gluten? Dairy? Corn? Look into an anti-inflammatory diet, give her proteolytic enzymes with and without food, dosed by a CAM practitioner.
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  • Cellulitis? It can take a few doctors before they hit on that idea. It spreads fast. It does require an anti-inflammatory diet. She may need a water pill to get rid
    of her little body..I feel so sad for her. Feel better soon little one.
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  • It is now two months on. What has been learned during that time, and is the girl recovered or still suffering?
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  • any family history of similar swelling? hereditary angioedema??
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  • Any bug bites lately? You can have allergic reactions to different kinds of bugs, that others may not have.
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  • I think you need to go directly to doctor, because children`s health is not joky. Also I can advice a place where you can find all stuff to maintain you and your kid`s health http://www.kalinka-store.com/ :) Good Luck :)
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  • In my opinion, that would be some kind of inflammation. I would suggest you to apply Manuka honey, on the affected area. Manuka honey would help to reduce the rash and also act as a moisturizer. Read more about Manuka honey here. http://www.comvita.com/health-foods/umf-manuka-honey.html
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  • I would assume she has seen a doctor by now...if still unresolved...i would ask if prior to onset of rash, had she been given any antibotics?any fillings to her teeth? could she have been exposed to mercury vapor?(broken thermometer or person who works where mercury is used)has she consumed diet products with aspartame, similar artificial sweeteners?mabe consumed GMO products?corn syrup, high fructose or modified corn starch can have residue of "round up", it won't be listed on ingredients!
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  • Not saying it is but ....I had same symptoms plus more physical and mental ....but its to hard to understand a childs symptoms..but I had a severe reaction from mold spores....it does sound like a reaction to me...but to what
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  • any new medications/vitamins introduced to her, even detergents....treat with aloe & cut back on everything, introducing one new item at a time....Thats difficult Good Luck!
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  • These conditions can take months or years to figure out because the doctors have to rule out so many issues including genetic markers. One way to speed up the process is it insist they test her for cytokine interlukin-2 levels. This is a very specific inflammatory protein/hormone that is at the root of most inflammatory diseases. After doctors could not find a single disease causing my inflammatory condition of the skin, muscles, joints and now blood, I convinced them to check this and bingo!
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  • angioedema. I have the same symptoms and that is what i have.
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  • Check for Lyme disease now.
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  • it can be a variation of scarlet fever. usually there are quick tests done for instance antibody testing or what when antibodies engineered are combined with the thing.

    so the particles of blood must be analyzed for this to be found out.

    it can be toxic load of intestinal microflora increasing in some way, so perhaps need to cleanse Her bowels.

    i remember there were glucose bridges or whatnot crosslinks between cells unnecesserily created.. and there can be various ariations between ...
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  • Have that check her Hart funshion.or a allergic reaction.look at everything that she could of came in contact with.in and out of your site
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