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I have yellow loose stool in the morning. I found a black spot in it smaller than a pea! Blood??!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 11, 2014
  • 06:14 PM

I am 36 female weighing 256. I am working on weight. I have 3 kids. Youngest is only 18 mths old. Oct 3, 2014 I ate some bbq pork meat on a baked potato. At end of meal, I felt supper bloated and I think had gas that night. 2 nights later woke up at 4 a.m. with urq pain. Clenching pains that came and went. I went to ER. I had uti they gave me antibiotic for and rantidine for acid. My blood work come back normal. Couple days later, I had nausea and watery stools and loss of appetite. Doc tested me for H. Pylori which come back negative. They gave me Dexilant samples. 3 days later, I panicked and found gastro doc. I had lost nearly 14 lbs. (I am a bad coke drinker so if I stop drinking cokes, my weight comes down)...also I wasn't eating that much because a couple times I ate I had burn in top of my stomach. (Arby's turkey wrap and Mcd's grilled chicken w/ lettuce wrap). I stopped all sodas and drank only water. Anyways, I told gastro doc I had gall bladder removed 10 yrs ago, I am neg for hpylori, and that my blood work in ER was normal and he pushed on my tummy and I had no tenderness. He said whatever it was, is going to run it's course. He gave me probiotics, VSL#3 and told me to take with the dexilant. That end of week I started eating again, feeling better and having solid yellowish brown stools but they were solid so I was like yay! Meanwhile, my uti symtoms were still there. Long story short, I had to take 3 antibiotics for cystitis. Nitro, sulfa and lastly metronidazole (flagyl). Halfway through metro....I got watery yellowish diarrhea and nausea came back. I finished up my vsl#3 and dexilant also. So I have been nauseated and having watery stools ever since halfway done with flagyl, which was a week ago. My clenching pains have calmed down. I am hardly eating because I don't know what to eat. I do pass gas and I can hear my stomach sounds. My family doc thought it could be ulcer but my gastro didn't mention he thought that. I am little fatigued but I am up everyday not laying around so weak I can't get up. Does ANYONE have any similar symptoms. I am not vomiting! I did in the beginning like 2 times and it was like green/yellowy bile like. But it was in mornings and I am not a morning person and have always had a little nausea in the mornings. I have gastro doc appointment next week, but this morning I found a black spot in my yellow fluffy raged like stool so now I wonder if that is blood from an ulcer?!!

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