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Stomach & Back Pain??

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 21, 2015
  • 11:28 PM

Hello everyone,

I really do hope someone can help me here, but I have been going to and from the doctors for over a year now, and my problems still exist, I will try my best to be as detailed as I can with symptoms.


- Stomach pain
This is through the majority of the day, but I can sometimes go a day to a week with no pain, but it keeps coming back. It seems to be worse in the morning when I wake up, and I can't seem to sleep any longer because I am have a really bad ache in my stomach/back. I feel that putting pressure onto my stomach helps the pain relieve.

- Heartburn/Acid
I have heartburn around 3 times a day, and EVERY time I lie down, I have been on several acid preventer tablets and it is fine when I am on them, but as soon as my course has finished, it comes straight back again. The acid has been that bad in the past, it has causes be to be sick a couple of times.

- Feeling sick & a little dizzy
I go through days where sometimes I feel like I am going to be sick, and sometimes feel that I need to sit down or lie down and have a rest due to feeling sick and dizzy.

- Back pain
I have had serious back pain for over a year aswel, I can't seem to keep still as where I sit down I am in pain, when I lie down It is relived, but after lying down for a while the pain comes back and I have to change when I am doing again (can't keep still). A back massage and putting pressure on the middle of my back seems to relive the pain for a while.

- Jaw Ache
I am not sure if this has been caused by all the medication I have been on, but I have recently developed really bad jaw ache for the past 6 months, this results in my jaw snapping shut when I am sleeping, and ache throughout the day.

I anyone knows when this could be, or have any ideas or questions, please please please let me know!!!!!

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