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Does anyone else have white worm like things that come out of their skin?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 23, 2015
  • 05:34 AM

Wondering if anyone else has itchy skin, feeling of something crawling, twisting, cutting, burning underneath your skin. Sores that have a really deep central hole that bleed profusely and won't heal and when they do heal leave bad scars? Reduced vision like something moving inside your eye? (Not floaters). Coughing up mucous so thick it chokes u almost. Small hard lumps on soles of feet and palms. And sometimes white thin things come out of skin like when alcohol is applied or lotion. Lots of them. And on your private areas very small thin curved clearish white things that if they get on your hand will quickly sink into your skin. They burn when they do this. If you are quick you can pull them off or out of your skin. None of this stuff wiggles or anything. Also white lumps on lips that move but can be pulled out of your lips (mouth) and out of your tongue. On face have areas that have like 1/4 inch long thin pinkish things that can be pulled out with tweezers. Some of these seem to wiggle occasionally. It seems these things almost take on the appearance of whatever they are on like chameleons. Or it's three or four different things. Or I've lost my mind. I'm totally clueless. I have had lab tests done. I have high iron, high hemoglobin, low protein, fairly low IgG, fairly low IgA and normal IgM. Normal sed rate and six negative ova and parasite tests. I had a video of my arm where u could actually see something moving under my skin with little like lightening strike or electric bolt flashes as it moved across under my skin then it turned darker like a shadow and the video became very pixelated and fuzzy. I have come out of a warm shower and literally one half of my leg would be blue and the other half red. Like a line drawn between the two sides of my legs. Since I have had this any camera lens that u look through at me will become fuzzy (kinda like those paper magnetic things where u move the magnet and it picks up shavings of metal to form a beard on the paper face) and pixelated but only on me not the background or what I'm sitting on or holding etc. weight lose of 45 lbs in six months or so and not on a diet. Blood sugar a little elevated 110 or so and A1C of 7.1 but I swear at the time I was living on Jolly Rancher chews. Has probably gone down since then. Three past summers have had my hair fall out in droves, gets thin and then grows back. Always had straight hair and now my hair is curly. My thyroid work up was normal. Take .88mg synthroid daily. Had three root canals two in last three years. All three became infected. I have great teeth with no periodontal disease. These teeth were all first molars that cracked due to stuff like biting on a cherry pit. And were immediately crowned with gold crowns. Root became sensitive and inflamed and then had root canals that became infected leading to one emergency extraction. Could not believe I lost a tooth. But before it was pulled ( had to be on tons of amoxicillin) I could feel something wiggling inside that dead tooth. When it was pulled the root was flexible like rubber and the Seal at the bottom of the root was gone as was about 1/3 of the guttapercha inside the tooth. I have no oesteoporosis or weak bones but I have had to have a knee replacement (knee went totally bad in two months) and four years later my entire spine from T-12 to S-1 (in one years time this happened) has completely degenerated. With bone spurs. Two ruptured discs with parts of the discs wedged up against my spinal cord. The vertebra are all crumbling and misshapen due to bone spurs and weird growths where it has tried to repair itself. The discs are drying up and falling apart. The canal is closing and two of my vertebra have slipped the wrong way and my spinal cord is crushed between them causing my feet to be numb from the middle of my feet to the toes. I did test positive for endolomax nana, an amoeba. Took flagyl for a month so that is gone. My Dr saw the video and was totally creeped out. Sent me to a specialist ASAP. I have become rather creeped out too. If these things can get into my skin so quickly can they get into other people's skin? Are they contagious? They are real. My husband has seen them and my son-in-law, my primary care dr and my best friend. I have photos and videos. So I feel fairly sure they are not just my imagination. But what are they? Or what is this? I washed in ketonozole shampoo for six months. Nothing, alcohol 91% used to help. Have bathed in RID twice and soaked like hours. Still here. My biggest fear is giving this to my loved ones. It's hard dealing with having these "symptoms". It's a pain in the butt trying to be sure everything is cleaned up, sheets sterilized in hot water and dryer, sink clean floors mopped, everyday since I have no way of knowing if this is contagious or not. And I would rather exhaust myself everyday than learn I have given this ***l to my family. If anyone has any ideas or are dealing with this same thing please tell me.

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  • I wonder if this isn't related to Morgellons
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  • I have exactly the same symptoms and no help from multiple drs. Of course, I was told to see a psychiatrist. I don't think I have much time left now as my body is being eaten by who knows what. This has been a living nightmare. Did you ever get any answers?
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  • I have had these exact same symptoms for the past three months and thought I might be going crazy until I read the prior stories on this page. I have been treated for scabies and lice using prescribed Permetherin cream. The itch goes away for about a day, then it all comes back, FAST. I have also isolated a transluscent worm/mite just like everyone else. It burrows under the skin and can mimic skin cells so it cannot be seen. Hoewever, I HAVE seen this parasite's outline on my skin's surface when I used any kind of oil or oil-based product. The area between the fingers is where I find most of them on my hands, but they are on the palm surface as well as my fingers. I have also seen their outline when I submerge my hands in extremely hot water. After my hands were in the hot water, I let them stay for about as long as can be tolerated (about 15 - 20 seconds). When my hands are brought out of the hot water, the outlines are very clear. My hands are very red from the hot water.
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    • December 8, 2015
    • 00:18 AM
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  • So has any of u two found out what this maybe or a cure because I swear I have the exact same thing n only thing I can find that helps some what is oatmeal baths an from wat I know I don't believe it's contagious...question have either of you two had a vaccine within the last 2yrs?
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  • My mother has alot of the same symptoms I am seeing described on this page. She was also told to go and see a psychiatrist. She has been to several doctors and told in a nice way.....You're Crazy. My mother saves the white wormlike specimens that she pulls from her body and takes them to her derm.to observe. The docs will not even put much thought in it. She keeps deep open sores . This is a horrible way to live. This is only a little bit of how she suffers from this. It has also made her hair come out, too. Please if you know if a good doctor around the South ...Louisiana... that has experience with this let me know. I know that the problems you guys are having is definitely not in your head. Bless you guys.
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