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Absence spell or absence seizure

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 6, 2015
  • 04:35 PM

Good morning! Even after googling, I am unable to find a definitive diagnosis which includes all of my symptoms so I am hoping someone here may have had direct or indirect experience with them. My problems began back in 2009 with bouts of dizziness (sometimes accompanied with nausea) and culminating with an "absence spell" occurring completely out of the blue. It was at the office. My boss was in my coworker's office so I thought to wait my turn to speak with her in a chair just outside her door. The last thing I remember was looking at the chair. Then, I was sitting in that chair with several coworkers gathered around looking at me concernedly, one pressing a cold drink into my hand. Apparently, 15-20 minutes had passed during which (according to my coworkers) my boss noticed me sitting fixedly in the chair; I didn't respond when he asked if I was okay. Then, as others gathered, they asked me questions, one of which was if I remembered having to lie on my office floor because I was so dizzy. I responded that I would never do that when, in fact, I had...on multiple occasions. By this time, my son had arrived to take me to the ER where they ran several tests, all of which showed no abnormalities. As referred, I saw a neurologist who ordered additional testing which showed nothing of import. The dizzy spells stopped after that but, I experienced another absence spell (again, at work) in 2013. I was, again, taken to the ER and, again, no abnormalities were found. Witnesses indicate that I repeatedly ask the same questions during the spells; also, I even answered the ER check-in questions during this spell which included providing my SS#. So, I began seeing another neurologist who, after finding no abnormalities in my test results, tentatively diagnosed anxiety as a possible cause and gave me a prescription for treatment of that malady. I experienced another absence spell (no ER visit) so I retired April 2014. After another absence spell, my neurologist doubled the dosage of my anxiety medication. In addition, though within the normal range most of the time, within the past few months my BP occasionally spikes into the higher altitudes. My absence spells seem to have become almost "normal" and, lately, I've been feeling a bit...off. Sometimes, the best way I can describe it it's like feelings of deja vu; now, it's kind of like a barrier of sorts (between me and the world around me) has come down - or, like I am out of place, in a dimension where I do not belong. I am aware, I can function, I recognize people & things. It seems my complete & total recovery from this latest absence spell (2 days ago) is taking a bit longer. I would be forever grateful if anyone can shed any light on my dilemma!!

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