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Severe feeling of deja-vu followed by sickness and dizziness? Also moments of black outs...?

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  • Posted By: srmichael
  • August 30, 2015
  • 07:26 PM

For the past several years I have been having these moments that are just outright awful. I will have a dream that is very vivid and real, then a week, or month, or no certain amount of time later, they come true. It is exactly what I dreamt in my dream, word for word, moment for moment, time for time. Even the surroundings are the same and if I'm talking to someone they are wearing the exact same clothes. I never know when it's going to happen so I don't know how to control it. I forget all about the dream until these moments happen. I've never been diagnosed with seizures, never done drugs, and I don't drink. But when these dreams become "real" so to speak, I get so lightheaded and dizzy I have to sit down. And so nauseous I feel like my insides are going to fall out. Followed by a terrible headache. The only way to get these feelings to pass is to go actually throw up. Also, for almost a week now, I keep having these spells where it's like I black out for a very short amount of time. My body knows what it's doing and I continue doing what I was doing, but it's like I feel like I'm watching myself do what I thought I was doing, only I feel like I'm not doing it. When this happens, I lose control over my body. I continue to do whatever I was doing, but it's like my brain has no idea what I'm doing. And also, when these little moments happen, my whole body will go numb and I get super dizzy.

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  • I had many of your symptoms 20 years ago and I ended up having my husband take me to the hospital. I ended up in on the behavioral floor and was diagnosed with acute anxiety and conversion disorder. Meds helped and Ive had anxious episodes throughout the years. In October I have was diagnosed with BPD, Borderline Personality Disorder. I am currently in group therapy and learned that many of the symptoms you are having such as you watching yourself doing something is what's called outer body experience and is a dissociative disorder. It is an unconcious way people learning who have suffered from depression emotional stress or trauma deal with those issues as they come up. My experience with anxiety included and still includes disorientation, dissociation, dizziness, hyperventilating, problems calculating simple math problems, fatigue, headaches, extremely high heart rate 135 and some may mild hallucinations. The BPD is a condition that include many of these symptoms. Hope this helps!!
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    • September 20, 2015
    • 02:49 AM
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