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Constantly feel ill? Blood test are always normal, MRI normal, no known allergies...

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  • Posted By: Phishface09
  • September 23, 2015
  • 02:04 AM

So, back in Dec 2014 (almost a year ago now), I started a new job (and immediately started mandatory 58 hour OT weeks) and went back to school at the same time. I was losing my mind, and I was completely overwhelmed. My anxiety reached an all time high. I'd dealt with it before so I knew the drill and got myself a prescription for Zoloft. The anxiety/depression subsided, as did the OT after about 3 months, but ever since then, I've just felt SICK. I just CONSTANTLY feel like I have a cold or something with no congestion. The only way I can describe it, is just generally feeling gross. I dealt with a severe bought of anxiety/depression as a preteen that literally had me bedridden mentally but never this. My throat always feels a little sore, my sinuses always feel achy, I ALWAYS (and I am not exaggerating whatsoever) have a background headache which is just lessened in severity depending on my activities or med regimen for the day (Excedrin usually does the trick).

I have seen an ENT, chiropractor, TMJ specialist, Neurologist and an orthodontist in the past 11 months and I still do not have any answers. I've had numerous extensive blood tests, an MRI with contrast, multiple X-rays of my jaws/teeth. Aside from a slight crossbite and some crowding in my bite, everything always comes back "fantastic and normal - sinuses clear". I am losing my mind. I was fitted for a night guard to see if this helps, and am also getting fitted for Invisalign to rule out the crossbite - because of this, I had to get a bony impacted wisdom tooth out on my left bottom side, and naturally, it just made my headaches 10x worse and eventually led to panic attacks. Excedrin wouldn't even help these headaches.

I have missed out on every holiday function this year because I "don't feel good", literally feeling like I have the flu and then wake up perfectly fine the next day.

I rarely wake up with a headache, it always starts about an hour after I wake up.

My usual symptoms: Headache (been going on for about 7 years, with a mix of tension and migraines, moreso tension), dizziness, occasional vertigo, occasional ringing in the ears, constantly feeling "sick", slight nausea, fullness in face, extreme sensitivity to air pressure changes - honestly, headaches are my biggest issue. I can deal with everything else, but GAH, these HEADACHES.

Current medications: Trokendi XR (50mg per day), Zoloft 50mg per day, Ambien 2.5-5mg(nightly as needed), Excedrin Extra Strength as needed (but usually every day, not going to lie, I'm literally shaving pills down right now trying to ween myself off this to rule out rebound headaches), and Sprintec (birth control).

Side notes: YES, I DRINK ENOUGH WATER. I am at a healthy weight and BMI and actively work out. No, I do not have a gluten allergy. I literally think I am allergic to life. I have so many different things going on, I wasn't even sure where to start or how to type this up. Basically, I've just been feeling like crap all year and new symptoms just keep coming and going. I start feeling better and then something else starts bothering me.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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