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High Fever 1 day, low grade for 2 more, low right abdo discomfort, lightheaded, tingling feet/hands

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 23, 2015
  • 00:39 AM

Cant figure this one out - I was having bowel changes for a couple weeks before the major event, going twice a day instead of constipation, but the stools were still dry and cracked like constipation, only moving quicker. I was taking supplements at that time - adrenal support, GI repair, digestive enzymes, and fermented cod liver oil. I follow a paleo diet for the record. One Sunday night after dinner I got a fever that slowly climbed to 102 and lasted 24 hours. It wasn't the food because my husband did not get sick. I was fatigued and in discomfort. The following morning I had a mild earache like I was going to get sick and treated it with hydrogen peroxide. The next couple days, the fever went to 99 and back down. Then the third day after the fever, about a month ago, I was having trouble with the hemp seeds in my smoothie irritating my gut and making me have paler stools with some mucous. I ate it only twice, the second time cutting the dose to 1/3 to see if I could tolerate it. That morning about an hour after the second smoothie I had a paler yellowish tan stool with mucous that, if you looked closely had the slightest almost invisible tinge of pink. I had two stools like that total since this began . I went to the gastro who suspected crohns but MRI enterography was negative.

I have had times where I wake up at night and have to pee and it seems like my kidney is aching. When I pee it relieves it to where I can't feel it. That happened 2-3 times. I also have nights where I wake up every 1.5-2 hours and don't sleep well, which is not normal for me at all. I am a great sleeper.

I have had tingling and slight numb feelings in my arms and hands and rarely my feet and legs. I should also mention that I have anemia from heavy period bleeding but the tingling happened when my hemoglobin was 12, which is high for me.

I have had mood changes and depression. It took a while for my stools to normalize as well after the yellowish ones near the time of the fever, maybe a week. Now they're pretty normal with only tiny strands of mucous and sometimes none.

The reason I am still bothered is that the lower right abdominal crampiness is still on and off. I usually don't feel any discomfort when I push on the area, even when the discomfort is active. It seems to get relieved a lot when I poop, but a couple of times it hasn't made a huge difference. It might be gas, not sure.

Also I still get an on and off form of lightheadedness where things seem slightly off, if that makes sense. My right arm tingles on and off and goes mildly numb...but it's not full on numb, more like a numbness where the hand feels harder to work.

I had kidney and uti symptoms yesterday but treated them with vitamin c and herbs and apple cider vinegar and the symptoms are almost gone now.

My hemoglobin has gone from 12 in late April to 10.1 as of two days ago. I had a very heavy and painful period about a week after the gastro visit. I did use a home test kit to test my stool for blood and it was negative.

I know that's a lot, but if anyone can help me I would be so grateful. Being mysteriously ill for a month has taken a toll on my mental wellbeing and stress levels.

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