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Broken jaw help

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 13, 2015
  • 11:11 PM

I got my jaw broken on March 20th by getting punched in the face by a 6'4 260 pound ex boyfriend three times my size punched me on the left side so hard I fell went out cold all I remember is spitting up blood from my bottom fanged right tooth and two around that one not sure if it was due to the hit or fall after the hit it was broken on the left and fractured on the chin front right had to wait a week with a broken jaw that I had no idea it was broken for three days just was in massive pain couldn't eat I iced it till I got it wired they came out after two awful weeks and I got lucky doctor said because the break didn't shift it was broke but was still in place break pain went away after few days the pain was from the fracture on my chin I lost weight and I was about 115 before the wires lost 10 pounds give or take it's been 5 days since the wires came out and they didn't numb me or put me to sleep to take them out and I have perfect teeth never had braces they put me under I paid 500$ more and I should of been out cold I felt three quarters of the whole thing that two assistance held me down so he could finish so it was the worst pain I have ever felt in my 24 years of life and I rather have four kids at the same time then get my jaw wired again and I don't have kids to no what child birth pain first four days are the worst days of my life lived off soup threw a straw meds worked only for four hours those first four ,five days my chin fracture under my face there is a hard lump on the corner right goes to the middle space under my face about the size of half a golf ball i iced it first two weeks the whole time I had the wires in my doctor took them out like I said earlier they didn't numb me just the numb jelly it hurt but not like they did going in I just told myself there coming off plus she had to untangle the wires cause the doctor twisted them not the normal way due to my teeth not having any space for the wires I'm guessing but my break is fine almost 100% but the chin still has that lump the doctor who took them off told me it's dried up blood in my face now and to massage it with warm compress and I have for last five days and it hasn't gone down it hurt up until Sunday but only lasted that day pain is annoying and the lump when I open my mouth it pulls my skin back and it gets more swollen if I talk for few mins straight eating still is still rocky to much chewing hurts after about ten min and mouth can't fully open about two fingers stacked on top of eachother and that's pushing it my bites not perfect but I'm not sure if it's because of the lump or wires cause it's still numb in the gum area lined up with the chin fracture and those two corner vampire teeth still have a weird sensation can someone please tell me if they no if this will go down the lump and how long or if it doesn't sound right I have check up in four days thank u.

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