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I want to now why I cant get anyone to believe me I have sores on my tongue the back of my tongue

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 3, 2014
  • 07:26 PM

I have had this for 2 months and its getting worse. I have been to the health department 2 times they keep saying I don't have herpes. well I don't belive it. my eyes are getting real bad my mouth is something I have never had before my lips stick together. I have blisters on the side of my tongue in my mouth and my cheeks now I have what I wood call a puss pocket. I tasted something nasty it goes back of my throat it hurts so bad I cry 24 7. I am having chest pains real bad. and I have sores in my private area. I have a smell that comes threw my nose and hurts all day all night I cant eat I drink water it even hurts to do that. I am broke out in a rash all over my face I look nasty and don't leave my room or less I have to go to the doctor. I cant wear my dentures so my face and cheeks look nasty I am a 43 year old live with my mom and grandma.im tired of sitting in this room but I don't like the way I look.my mom got me insurance I get to go to a real doctor on the tenth of this mouth but I am really scared .without the treatment for herpes you can go blind. this is all for having sex without a protection.how sorry I am its getting worse.my body aches real bad.i cant sleep. just laying down hurts.i am tasteing what ever is comeing threw my mouth it goes in my nose. the back of my throat is sore and has big blisters back there I cant seem to use anything in my mouth. the roof of my mouth feel like super glue.my ears are scabbing real bad.my scalp is itchy and flacky.im loseing my hair.im under so much stress worrying how bad my body is going to eat.not takeing no medicine because there not doing the right test or looking at the right place.i have had cancer and my immune system is weak like you wood not belive. there is blisters like comeing on my nose and face. i cant sleep I have not had no sleep in a month.it hurts to lie on my cheeks because of the sores and there very painful. if this doctor don't help me I cant live this way I am hungry cant eat or drink nothing but water.thats not very fun either.my family is going nuts with me.im having thoughts of killing my self if they don't do something soon I cant go no more like this.the chest pains are bad. my mouth is getting worse by the hour.it has a very unpleasant smell make you want a gag.i have big fever blisters in the corners my mouth. I feel worthless.in pain 24 7 it sucks. my mouth burns on the outside and in same for my nose. went to the hospital to get help 6 times they told me to go see a family doctor.i cant work my son got a job so no more food stamps. im crying real bad just to tell my story maybe someone could help me. I feel so alone no one to talk to because I don't want no one to see me I get anticty attacks when I have to leave my room. I don't go out side. I wash my face but you cant tell I do. I look aweful. my mom and grandma and sons tell me im pretty I don't feel pretty.i just lay in my room and play on the computer and watch tv. I hope and pray this doctor will help me I need a herpes blood test to prove I have it before they will give me medicine but I don't see how im going to be able to take it if I cant eat what is going to happen to me I don't know but I can take no more.i have lost 40 pounds and none of m clothes fit me.i look like I have aids.was tested for that it came out ok.my back my neck hurts and my legs my whole body really how am I going to get threw this.i don't know.i want to get better I cant go on no more like this.haveing a weak immune system don't help at all cant eat so how will my body fight off this infection.i am so scared that I will die cause your body can only handle so much.i see sores and blisters in my private area and when I told the health department they said there was nothing there they took a swab of my mouth but not take nothing down there for herpes that makes a lot of cents.not even a blood test but tested for hiv how dumb is that. I hope they put me in the hospital because I cant eat what im I going to do im breaking out all over my body. its getting worse I don't know what to do someone help me please. I use to enjoy my life well I don't at all I look so ugly feel so down and I tried to eat a scoop of ice cream I cant even do that. my mouth is to irrated and sore it feels like a hot oven. its pretty bad you cant even eat ice cream.im really not feeling like there is any hope for me. if this doctor don't help me I am out of reasons to live really am.i hope someone out there can read this and tell me what they think they wood do if they were me.loseing my hair and looking ugly and my whole body looks like crap I cant belive people at the doctors office or health department don't care more about a person. I am really hurting and I don't know how much more I can take. i cant wait till see what I will look like on the 10th of this mouth and how bad my mouth and everything is going to look well everyone wish me luck. I need to be put in the hospital we will see I will let you all now thinks C>H

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  • Order some valcylawvier or valtrex. If that doesnt help. I dont know what to tell you.
    Good luck
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    • November 7, 2015
    • 07:47 AM
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