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Head/Brain/Neck ? symptoms Car Accident 3 wks ago

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  • Posted By: Inquisitive1
  • September 27, 2014
  • 08:38 PM

Head on collision, parking lot. I was barely moving from parking space in process of putting seat belt on, so, no seat belt. Other vehicle [admitted to 30 MPH] appeared "out of blue" HEAD ON, going SOOOOOO fast. Recall one long horn honk (me), but no options. No recollection of what actually occurred to me upon impact. Seems that I ricocheted in drivers compartment? Air bag did not deploy. Lower legs multiple cuts and abrasions;
left ankle bruise around entire ankle; right forearm several bruises; impact propelled both vehicles backwards and appears clockwise rotation. My vehicle
substantial front end damage entire front end (right to left). Little damage to other vehicle that I was aware of(New or newer Mid sized vehicle). No police report but photos and evidence at scene document clearly what occurred.

Foolishly, I didn't seek medical attention immediately despite nearly immediate confusion; memory issues; loss of appetite; nausea consistently,
severe neck and low back injury, inability to focus eyes occasionally. BUT, my MAJOR concern/fear is the pain in head which I would describe as either skull pressing on brain, or brain pressing on skull; intermittent and primarily 3 different locations. Also, same oddly described "ribs poking into lungs or lungs pushing into ribs".

AND the straw: Yesterday (almost 3 weeks) a stabbing
right temple headache so severe it was indescribable.
Thankfully it lasted only seconds. Now, there MAY be
slight bleed in left ear. Not sure if from "brain?" or scratching of ear--which I don't recall doing.

I had a ct scan Sunday (21st) without contrast (?) at local er. Absolutely nothing noted but am concerned regarding applicability of that test at that time frame, and if other more specified tests are necessary. I have not been able to get any advise and GP appointment scheduled over a week from today.

I don't know of specialized brain/neck injury diagnosis facilities or physicians in this area. It is a difficult medical location. Can anyone suggest
intelligent proper diagnoses/treatment/testing 3 weeks into accident? Medical Insurance is not an issue for me; and I believe the other party is well medically insured via the Auto Insurance. Responsibility is not an issue.

The issue to me is the possibility of irreversible brain or neck or back injury if proper diagnoses and treatment is not obtained immediately. And, worst case--if there is a bleed..???

Thank you in advance.

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