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could I get the virus over 10 years ago without ever being symtomatic, and now have an outbreak?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 1, 2015
  • 02:22 PM

I'm 54 yrs old, been married for the last 17 yrs. My husband and I are faithful partners I have no doubt, and my doctor has told be that I have herpes. There's no compassion in the delivery of this most devastating news, just matter of fact. I am beyond devastated! I really want to die,,,I'm humiliated, ashamed, dirty, damage goods,an untouchable, leper, UNCLEAN! How does this happen? Can you have this virus for 10,20, 30 years and never have a symptom? That is the only way this could happen as my husband and I have discussed. Could mine or his ex infected us and we NEVER had a symptom? That is the 64,000 dollar question? I need to know, we need to know how this just appeared after 17 yrs of marriage. And there should be some kind of psychological treatment for a patient diagnosed with this death-nell upon receiving the news. What the ***l is wrong with these doctors, so cavalier. She left the room, my head is whirling, when she returned I told her "I would have been able to handle a diagnosis of cancer better than this, I am so devastated." To which she replied "oh don't say that, my mother was just diagnosed with breast cancer." Which I immediately apologized for, over and over...Which brings me to now, having had time to think about it, I am even more angry. Add another guilt trip to this doctors visit why don't you, and while you're writing that f-ing Rx for Valtrex why don't you suggest a support group or something for the mental state that has just been thrust upon me! I'm out of my mind,,,truly can't function normally. It's been 4 days since the news and I don't know how to continue with life. Another thing that makes me crazy is there's no suggestion of how this happens...I assume that the doctor assumes under her breath, you know very well how this happened...infidelity? You or your husband, without mentioning it. But there has not been any infidelity, we are hermit people. Moved away from friends and family and have only had each other. That happened in 2002, and here we are 2015 still together, having just each other and some distant acquaintances. So, what the ***l happened? Had a dream last night that I was pushed of a bridge, I was disappointed when I woke up.

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