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8 yr old fevers over 103 no answer from any doctors

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 6, 2015
  • 08:38 PM

8 yr old son experiencing 103+ fevers for 6 months. Fever lasts for 7-10 days over 102. Had pneumonia and bad Flu since Jan. 2015. Also diagnosed with chronic sinusitis and mrsa colonized in nose. No skin rash. Last 3 months fevers more frequent but not hi except 2 times. Fevers now accompany stomach pains and headaches. been to ER for dehydration 3 times since Nov. 2014 Had ultrasound of stomach, normal except some bowel gas. Had MRI w/o contrast showed large blood vessels. Went to Neurologist, not to concerned with MRI but redid with contrast and MRA. normal but shows development Genuous Anomaly (brain lesion) tells me everything normal, not to worry. He's perfectly fine. nothing wrong with him. Pediatrician and I worry that he may have stroke or aneurysm from results. Been to Rheumatologist, immunologist, infectious disease dr. No one knows whats wrong with him. Not vasculitis, testing for periodic fever syndrome now. At my wits end worrying about my son, no one helping. It breaks my heart not to see him running around playing. He sits or lays down on the couch because he doesn't feel good. He knows as soon as his temp is over 99. wants to know what is wrong with him and why? Had another fever on Friday afternoon, 101., slight headache and little stomach ache. Fever Saturdday up to 102. Gave motrin and during night, delirious and complaining he had to go to the bathroom, had normal bowel movement, woke up 3 times with bad stomach pains, crying. 6am woke with severe stomach pains. Took him to ER at 8am. ER Md came to door looked at my son laying in the bed, said "he looks pale, give him IV and motrin" @ hrs. later we were out the door. Fever back 2 hrs later 102.5 Had a follow up appt. with Rheumotlogist for bloodwork at 10am. Monday. His temp was 103. by 7am and by 8am was vomiting. Every doctor Ive taken him to, looks at me like I'm making up fevers cause every time I take him there he's low grade cause I give motrin or Tylenol to make him comfortable. This time I call Rheumotologist to ask if I should give him motrin, no call back I take him in and they tell me I should have given him the Motrin because "they" know he gets fevers. Again after reviewing all bloodwork, they don't know whats wrong with him. Tell me to keep a log for fevers. Been doing that for the last nine months. He's had bloodwork at least 8 differnet times in the past 9 months.I need help and don't know who else to see. My poor pediatrician is beside himself. He refers me to specialists and nobody stepping up to help. What do I do, I'm terrified if something happens to my son because there not catching something. By the way, everyone of them tells me that the MRSA has nothing to do with the fevers. If anyone else has anything similar or any ideas I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for reading.

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