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What do you think is wrong with me?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 10, 2014
  • 06:15 AM

So, for about a month now, my symptoms have been:

* Low grade fever off and on. Today all day it had been hovering around 100.5. It was almost at 101, but since my stomach hurt, I took ibuprofen, which brought it down to 100.2-100.5. Usually, it fluctuates between 99.6 and 100.1.

There was one other time where it climbed up to 100.9, and another when it went up to 101.4, but other than that, it generally stayed pretty low.

* Headaches. They’re not constant, they happen off and on generally every day. They don’t last too long for the most part, usually only about five minutes or so, multiple times a day. A few Wednesdays ago, I had one that lasted a few hours, and then a couple of Friday nights ago, I had a horrible one that seemed to last a couple of hours as well. Usually, the headache is in my forehead, and it’s just a lot of pressure, but every once in a while, it’ll be in the base of my skull.

The headaches have brought on HORRIBLE brain fog. I have ADHD, and have been off medication for a couple of years, so I get the occasional brain fog from time to time, but never this bad. It seems like my ADHD has gotten worse over the past month, and it’s effecting my work (one of my coworkers is growing increasingly frustrated with me not following through on the directions he gives me).

The other day I was driving to work, and I swear I had a time skip or something, because I remember turning onto a street, and then all of a sudden I was almost there, and I had NO idea how I got there. Today I was on the freeway, and I don’t remember making the lane change to get onto the exit-only offramp. Apparently, lots of people with ADHD get that, but it's never happened to me before.

* Exhaustion. The exhaustion is UNREAL, and has been constant for the past month. It feels as if I've only gotten four hours of sleep, when in reality I've been getting ten to eleven hours of sleep (except when I'm working, and even then, I'm getting eight to nine hours a night). Saturday morning I woke up at eight forty five, and my head, throat and stomach hurt, so I went back to sleep until a quarter past noon, and I was still exhausted.

Usually in general, I get dizzy sometimes when I go from a sitting to a standing position, but now that I’m always exhausted, it’s happening more and more often, and everything gets quieter for a few moments along with my vision darkening.

* My nose is also always stuffy. I don’t sound congested at all, it’s just stuffy. The stuffiness went away after a few weeks, but came back about a week ago.

* My throat started hurting a few days ago, as did my stomach. I’m not nauseas at all, it just hurts. Sometimes it hurts in my left upper side, and other times it’ll move to my right upper side. It’s really, really strange.

* Increased hunger. I feel like I'm always hungry, ALL the time. I'm not really a breakfast eater, but lately, I have been.

* Increased thirst. I don't actually realize how thirsty I am until I start drinking water, and then I chug a bunch at one time.

* I'm not sure if this is related, but I've been getting shooting pains up and down my arms, legs, fingertips, and in my breasts more often than usual. Once it was in the center of my chest, and it hurt badly enough to double me over and gasp for breath, which sounds bad, but it was only for a few moments, and then I was fine. I'm 19, so I know it's most likely not a heart problem. I'm fairly certain I had a dissociative seizure about a year and a half ago, but I don't think that's liked to this at all.

I was wondering, though, if all this could be linked to ADHD medication? I was on Concerta for about ten years, Focalin XR for two (It made me black out in the first few months I tried it), and then Adderall for a few months.

Any responses would be greatly appreciated,

thank you :)

P.S I have not seen a doctor yet, I'm trying to find a new doctor, as my current one doesn't seem to ever take my concerns seriously, and basically tells me everything is in my head, which just annoys the crap out of me. My mom has one I think I'm going to, but we have yet to make an appointment. Most likely, she’ll try to get me in next week sometime.

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