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Lifelong general weaknesses. Is it a condition? Or do I need to just put up with it?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 9, 2014
  • 01:02 PM

Hi everyone

I hope someone can shed some light on this (even if it is just "deal with it"!)

So, I was a very active and healthy child when I was young. When I was around 8 or 9 I started getting lots of headaches, feeling very tired all the time and getting ill frequently. The headaches were more or less daily and lasted until I was about 16, then cleared up of their own accord (I've put this down to puberty-related hormones). I was back and forwards to the doctor throughout these years and had numerous blood tests which brought up that my iron levels were low, so I was put on supplements for a while.

Since my teens the symptoms have changed slightly and while I'm still constantly exhausted, I no longer get the headaches but I do still get ill frequently (usually ear/nose/throat related - get tonsillitus 3/4 times a year, a sinus infection once or twice a year, labyrinthitus around twice a year...) and the rest of the time I feel alright at best.

I dont know if any of this other stuff is relevant but I'm trying to list anything I can possibly think of:
I'm always thirsty, particularly during the night despite drinking plenty of water (I have been tested for diabetes)
I have generally poor coordination - fine motor skills such as handwriting etc are fine, but I'm quite clumsy, struggle with left and right, throwing and catching games etc.
I've had significant ongoing pain connected to (confirmed) endometriosis over the past 18 months or so
I bruise easily and heal slowly
I try to exercise - and do - but my fitness is still poor. I've been running three times a week for the past year and I've barely improved at all.

I eat really well, have a healthy and balanced diet, get probably 10 portions of fruit and veg a day, in terms of starchy carbs I tend to only really eat brown rice and quinoa, and I would normally have one portion of white meat per day, red meat maybe once a week.
I eat very little refined sugar (might have a chocolate bar once a week or so), and very little processed food (maybe a takeaway once a month).

In my trips back and forward to the doctor over the years they've checked for thyroid problems a number of times which has always come back clear. My white blood cell count is often too low, but not consistently. My iron levels are also inconsistently low and seem to rise and fall of their own accord regardless of my diet or what supplements I'm taking.

These problems are ongoing throughout the year, but I normally have a patch for 2-3 months a year (usually around August - October) where it's much worse and I have basically no energy at all.

I suffered with depression in the past, but have been happy (except these problems!!) for at least 4 years now. I also don't have a particularly stressful life, have close relationships with friends, family and a stable partner, no children and am 27.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe it's nothing and I just need to put up with it, but as the years go by it's getting more and more frustrating!

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  • I'm not sure what daily supplements you're taking. Vitamin D3, iron, B12, and Omega 3-6-9 (taken daily) are usually very helpful for fatigue. Also, you may want to see an infectious disease specialist about your symptoms that occur from August through October. Hope you feel better soon!
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    • September 14, 2014
    • 05:11 AM
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