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I have a deep, squeezing kind of pain every night after lying down for a few hours. Help

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 3, 2015
  • 09:35 PM

I have a deep, squeezing, tearing-at-my-insides kind of pain every night after lying down for a few hours. It's been 7 years of this. Every single night. All the major things have apparently been ruled out (heart, lungs, hernia, acid reflux). The current theory is that it is some form of costochondritis. But why haven't I gotten any better in 7 years???

Things that make it worse:

pulling apart or pushing out with arms slightly bent (like doing butterflies at the gym).... Basically, it is worse if I push or pull or lift with arms shaped like a donut

slight sore feeling when holding both hands up (like mimicking a field goal, but arms slightly more bent) and turning my head to the LEFT. Turning my head to the right doesn't seem to trigger it.

driving long distances, or anything else where I'm bouncing up and down.

Lying down at night (1 or 2 hours) is what sets it off the MOST. The pain doesn't seem to be too bad when I touch it... it feels very deep inside and hurts quite bad.

Things that help:

Tramadol (I take one, 50ml does at night). Seems to take the edge off a little. Advil has not been effective.

Cortisol-type shots help - but only SOMETIMES. kind of hit or miss.

Things I've tried that haven't worked:
Stretching, massaging, rolfing, acupunture, physical therapy, nerve drugs like cymbala, steriod shots in the chest, posture correction inserts in shoe, chiropractic.

Any ideas out there????????

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