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Does Bright Blue LEDs cause eye problems?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 5, 2014
  • 07:59 PM

My eyes have always been sensitive to light, especially the yellow light when I highlight a word or pdf document. it does not matter for how long I stare at the yellow highlights; 30 seconds are enough to make my vision blurred, followed by a swelling on one of the eyes and a terrible headache that lasts up to 24 hours. Having fallen a victim several times, I have learned to avoid it. However, it dawned on me that there could be another color that gives me eye problem: blue color. And it is not just blue color, bright blue LEDs. About three weeks ago, my laptop mouse malfunctioned and had to buy another one. I am used to mouse which has only red LED light. The mouse I bought has red and blue LEDs. While red LED is useful for navigating the cursor, I wonder why they added a bright blue LED enclosed in a transparent plastic and facing up and illuminating directly the right eye. The first few minutes I used the mouse, I noticed it was distracting my concentration. After three days my cousin arrived with his laptop and mouse and I had to use it for the entire time we stayed together. That first day I used the mouse, I noticed a problem with my vision accompanied with headache. Usually, my blurred visions clears in less than 24 hours. When my cousin left, I resorted to my mouse as I thought what to do with it. Eventually, I opened it and decided to break the LED light source but changed mind and block the light instead by painting or tying a black polythene paper. However, the light was so intense that my attempts appeared fruitless. Finally, a stiff opaque wrapping paper worked. I bent the LED lie horizontal and held the stiff paper covering it. With that, I was relieved of too much distracting light. But closing my left, I could no longer see properly. My right eye, which was closer to the LED, was blurred. While there could be many possible causes of blurred vision with each cause having its own method of treatment, I was shocked to find that the tests and finally doctor's prescription was made up before I began the test: that the cause of my blurred vision was long nearsightedness and that the solution was to get a new pair of glass. I was given no time to explain when and how it started etc etc in order to get a clear background. With such diagnosis, I resorted to carryout more tests, probably this time with a specialist who has time to listen and do a comprehensive test. If it is possible, there should be guidelines for manufacturing certain products to minimize impacts they have on the users. For example, without blue LEd light, the mouse still functions perfectly. What could have motivated the manufacturers to add a bright blue LED? An investigation of whether blue LEDs causes blurred vision/or any other eye problem is a good topic for optometrists and ophthalmologists.

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