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I have an extremely strong bitter taste in my mouth 24/7, awakens me at night, had many tests alredy

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 22, 2014
  • 11:34 AM

I cannot bear this awful taste in my mouth. 55 yr old female of average weight. Not sure when it started because at first I thought it was something I ate or drank, then after having my gallbladder removed (because of several gallstone flareups), I thought the taste was from anesthesia or other laparoscopy materials; but, since that was done a month ago, I'm thinking it should have gotten out of my system by now. During the diagnosing of my gallstones, I underwent alot of tests and believe that any other disease would have shown up. My diagnostic testing included: full abdominal/pelvic sonogram, with and without contrast; CT Scan with contrast; xray of back, cervical spine, and abdomen; MRI of neck & head; complete blood work; urine analysis; colonoscopy (MD diagnosed "internal hemorrhoids" biopsy reported as ulcerated colitis). A walnut sized cyst was found on my right ovary; some arthritis in my cervical spine & degenerative disc disease c4,5,6,7 which was causing numbness & tingling the full length of my right arm, thumb, and first 2 fingers; and multiple gallstones. Nothing else was revealed or noted. I do have a hiatal hernia discovered approx 25 yrs ago, with acid reflux (have been on Prilosec treatment), been diagnosed with IBS and have been taking Zantac 150/ranitadine & doxycycline for it. Along with all this, I suffer from C-PTSD and take Forfivo (a slight variation of wellbutrin), Propranalol, and Lithium (the only generic medication that has recently changed to a different manufacturer/brand). I was convinced the change in Generic Lithium was the cause of the awful taste; but, my pharmacist got me the previous manufacturer brand 2 days ago...the taste is still ever-present; so, I must have been wrong. I am also taking 5000mg Vitamin D3, Acnepril, and lorazepam (PRN-only occasionally). The symptoms that prompted all of the testing, other than the arm numbness & tingling (which was resolved with some chiropractic treatment)are as follows: severe pain/cramping in my left upper abdominal quadrant (presumed to have been referred pain from the gallstones), slender, straw shaped BM twice in a row, a few weeks later followed by a one time occurrence of bright red blood in my stool, prior history of constipation. My history includes several surgeries (etopic preg 31 yrs ago, ovarian cyst eruption 15 yrs ago, partial hysterectomy removing a large fibroid 16 hrs ago, inguinal hernia repair 38 yrs ago, shattered left wrist repaired with titanium plate 7 yrs ago) No major illnesses. Father died 7 days after being diagnosed with cancer of unknown origin throughout his body at age 50. My BP, pulse, general health have all been normal or better even throughout pregnancies. Now I have this horrible taste that is so intolerable. The only way I have found relief for approx 5-10 min is after brushing my teeth, or by sucking on one of the Bach Rescue Pastilles Natural Stress Relief blackcurrant gummy discs. I appreciate any suggestions you might have toward ridding this taste. Just starting 2 days ago I have been experiencing on & off pain in my left knee and have noticed a slight puffiness just outside my knee joint. It flares mostly during sleep, causing me to awaken. I am giving it natural healing time, using Epsom Salt Lotion, before I run to the doctor.

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