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Small "bump" in right underarm, male, 21, slightly red, a little tender to the touch. Emergency?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 23, 2014
  • 06:37 PM

Recently I've been noticing a few of my lymph nodes in my right underarm starting to swell. The first one was about a week ago, which I determined was from using Antiperspirant deodorant, sometimes multiple times a day. I stopped using the deodorant, or any for that matter, and instead started washing out my underarms more often as well as taking a hot shower and allowing the pores to open up via steam and heat. The lump seemed to have went away. Now, there's a second one in the same armpit, but in a different location. Seemingly small, sort of tender to the touch, as with the skin area just slightly above it. The bump is reddish, not too red to where you'd think something was horribly wrong. The hot compress/showers seems to reduce swelling slightly but not like the other one. No medical insurance to go to the doctor, car has no insurance, and 150 bucks in my name for bills that I may not even be able to pay. Down on my luck, eh? So I've decided to seek alternative help, including taking more vitamins such as D and a multivitamin, and today I've decided to try "Detoxiphi" by the Rx WholeFood Farmacy, since lymph nodes usually swell due to some sort of infection. I don't eat TOO well, but I don't eat unhealthy. Potatoes, salads, fruits when I can, lots of water, but needless to say I'm a bit on the skinny side. I drink a health formula called "Farmacy Pro Power- Superfood, Probiotics, energy blend" which has all types of good things for the body, so its definitely not like I'm not getting healthy stuff in my diet (Possible deficiencies, obviously) but with the way I take care of my body I kinda thought it'd be a little more alkaline then what was needed to cause infection or sickness. I rarely ever get sick, so seeing a lump show up in my armpit seems out of place to me. No pain anywhere in my body that I can feel, and I wouldn't exactly call the feeling I get when touching this lump, "pain", just more of an uncomfortable feeling. If need be, I can take pictures but its not very noticeable in the light I have in my bathroom. Emergency room visit seems out of the question, seeing that I can't even pay my electric bill coming up, nor do I have insurance on the vehicle I have to even get there, nor do I have the money to call an ambulance or even pay someone gas to take me (I live in Kentucky, so its a good minute away) so all in all, its a bad situation all the way around. I don't really know what I'm trying to ask, or what I'm even doing on this forum because all the answers I'll get will be to "seek medical attention" or "have your doctor blah blah", I haven't been able to see a doctor for a while, hence the reason I keep my body in tune (or try to as much as I can with being dirt poor). What are some alternatives to relieving these bumps? Or could this be something else rather than a swollen lymph node? So far from my research all I can gather from it is its either an infection somewhere (which I must not be able to feel) or breast cancer (which is rare in males, and seeing that I take care of my body and stay away from most radiations, sodas, anything that could really cause cancer blah blah, cancer seems to be a long shot.) As far as I know, nothing like this has been hereditary. I'm probably taking this to the extreme, but thats kind of what you have to do when you're on your own in a world this cold. =P

Any feedback on the lump would be greatly appreciated. Ignore the rest of the rambling nonsense.

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  • Update, the second one has reappeared, but isn't sore, red, or tender and is slightly smaller than it was. Dunno why.
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