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I have over 10 seemingly unrelated symptoms and have had dreams about them all being genetic

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  • Posted By: RainbowfiedApplejack
  • August 13, 2014
  • 03:38 AM

My symptoms are:

1: Psychological signs of Asperger's syndrome and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

2: Stigmatism and nearsightedness in my left eye only

3: Slight trouble breathing and fast heartbeat only at night, as if I have sleep apnea

4: Strange sugar cravings even if I'm not hungry

5: Sometimes I'm too hot for a sheet and the next minute I need 2 comforters and I'm still cold, and this only happens at night, more times in the winter than in the summer

6: Episodes that last less than a minute cause dizziness, loss of balance, severe headaches, fast heartbeat, sometimes shortness of breath, and changes in my vision, that happen nearly every time I stand up

7: Fear of complete darkness

8: Chronic but slight itching all over my body

9: Episodes which cause extreme pain in both eyes and eyelids, almost once a day, that last from 10 seconds to 5 minutes, and vary in severity

10: Slightly dark urine, as if I'm always slightly dehydrated

11: Whenever I have a headache, it's always extremely painful, and only occurs in a few certain spots of my brain, and same thing with sore throats

12: Obsessive drooling at night

13: Unusual amounts of tangling in my hair, resulting in severe pain when I comb it, even when I don't do anything (like go swimming) that would tangle it, and it's worse in the winter than summer

14: Random sneezing or coughing fits for no apparent reason

15: Terrible short-term memory, but great long-term memory since I can remember

16: Bad hearing, especially when calling somebody on the phone

17: Chest tightness ever since one day I had the flu, but of course the other flu symptoms have obviously disappeared by now

18: I barely ever feel the least bit tired, even if I stay up past 4 am! There's been many occasions which I've fallen asleep watching TV without ever feeling tired! Unfortunately, I usually can't get to sleep on time during the school year and have trouble waking up in the morning as well.

19: I sleep through any sound. I swear, if someone played the loudest drums in the world right next to my ear I wouldn't wake up!

I've had dreams where I've literally walked into a geneticist's office and the doctor introduced himself/herself, said his/her name, and told me I had an extremely rare genetic disease that caused everything on that list and they'd say "Your disease is called..." or "You have..." and then I'll either wake up and fall right back to sleep or have another dream about something totally unrelated! That part is SO ANNOYING!!! Does anybody know of a disease like this that can affect an 11 year old girl like me? If you know please tell me

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