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Lower left abdominal pain while exercising, playing sports

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 10, 2014
  • 03:14 AM

During wrestling season about 18 months ago I was sprawling/defending a takedown and I felt a sharp piercing, stab like pain tear happen in my lower left abdominal area, and feels deep in there(i have began to think it is some kind of intestine problem, and it is around the area uou would grt divirticululsis/ small intestine/ large intestine/ descending colon area I guess).....I have been to many doctors sports hernia specialist/ gastronologist/ orthopedics and none of them have any idea or are any help..... They just say idk pretty much lol... Well anyways the pain was after the injury I feel a need to push/ message the area with my hand to help ease it. It barely even bothers me when I'm not playing sports... I can always kind of feel it though, especially when laying on my stomach.... It took me months to be able to play basketball again but it immidatly came back within a few days. I will restfor months and it will get a little better and even went a couple months without it flaring up while playing rugby and football, wnd then bam iwhile running s get a side stick like pain and after practice its back, and so it reslly hasnt healed at all in over a year.During the time It is alright and i can run, i can always still feel it, lingering just waiting to cramp up and cause stabbing pain. It starts out like a side stick cramp and that's when I know I have to stop playing or I will re-injury it and be out another 2 months, which just keeps recycling and Ito back to square one. I have noticed that that it seems to flare up when my digestion/ stomach is having issue, as I used to have what the doctor thought was minor ibs... My stomach is always moving around, and I'm always fartif etc, lol. Anyways if I don't eat extremely clean ( no pork, beef, lactose, beans, whey) they I get diarihha/ constipation like symptoms.... My last injury flare up I was fine for months and before practice I had some whey protein and reinsured my area, which leads me to believe it may be a digest e issue, and just some sports related abdominal tear that wil heal eithin time.I know I am writing a book here but please anyone that has any ideas please help as this sucks and I just want to play sports again.. * also I put a photo and pointed to the area that it is bothering me at

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