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Bladder infection, abdominal pain under right rib cage

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 15, 2015
  • 05:57 PM

It all started with a bladder infection which came on very suddenly I had mild a key feelings in my kidney area on both sides of my back lower rib.

After taking antibiotics for this and the intense stinging feeling and discomfort from the bladder had gone I was still left with the akey feeling It felt very akey and strange and I thought it was the start of a kidney infection. So I got tested but was put straight on kidney infection Meds but test results came back clear from infection. But I still had a fever.

I then started to get strange pains in my right hip/ovary area for a couple days with they akey pain lower rib. I had a cervical examination tested for STI as pelvic inflammatory was suspected but still nothing.

The pain started to go from my hip area and began bothering me more and more on my right side under my rib cage and then my doctor thought possibly gallbladder problems it became worse and worse and so I phoned 111 and saw a doctor there who said I could have rib tip syndrome. Very strange It never occurred to me the area that was painful was my rib cartilage on right side.

I was now waiting for ultrasound test and developed crushing rib cage pain after a small walk that would not go away. Went to my doctor again and she requested a chest X-ray because as my right side was a lot less quiet when she did her tests she thought I may have a dipped lung. Very scary indeed when these symptoms started happening. The chest X-ray came back fine. So then I went back as the crushing rib pain was keeping me up and the pain on my right side was horrible to sleep on and there was a constant full bloated pressure. My doctor then spoke about IBS or costocondritis but needed the ultra sound test to confirm. Took the ultra sound last Wednesday and everything seems fine just very tender around the ribs area. My scan photos are being checked for Monday which is tomorrow but my doctor now thinks i have costocondritis which is inflammation of the rib cage cartilage and joints. I have been prescribed antinflammatorys which are actually helping a lot!

Only thing looking back on all of this it makes no sense from bladder infection to this now and I feel very confused these are my symptoms now.

Akey back in the mornings and stiffness
Unable to walk very far and walking strange like a baby sort of and not using my upper body very well almost feel slightly paralysed in being able to walk like normal
Going from constipated to loose
Weird rashes over stomach from using hot water bottles
Pressure under ribs
Akey ribs
Sharp pains if I twist funny
Pain to the touch on ribs
Waking up at night with pain in chest area
Feeling worried a lot

At the moment I just want to know could this really be costocondritis or someone more going on.

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