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Desperate! Appendix and random pains and itches?

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  • Posted By: ConcernedCitizen
  • October 6, 2014
  • 06:18 AM

Ok here's a quick background. I had weird appendix-located sensations a few times in the past. The last couple times, however, went from a slight dull sensation with an itch to a dull ache queasiness in upper abdomen area (only very slight moments I knew wouldn't get far at an ER.) Now for added detail that may be involved.. I had am ear infection that i oddly noticed started from running outside. I ignored the itchiness of it (never had an ear infection before.) Well, it the itchiness moved to my eye and it felt like something was latched behind the eye muscle. Was prescribed ear antibiotics, they worked, but I already had a bad head mucus from it that I was told would run down my throat. The mucus I felt throughout seemed hard and extra sticky, than anything I've dealt with. Now the doctor did tell me to expect coughing and to not be alarmed but I thought symptoms would be gone in about a week. What's this have to do with appendix?

Barely a month goes by when the appendix sensation kicks back in.. only this time, it now had a few days of being off and on with the slight soreness and itchiness to it. The second night I felt slightly nauseous with little appendix symptoms, the third night I was able to eat spaghetti but later felt horrible, I stayed up all night and around 3am thought I was going to puke. I thought I had a fever but the temperature fluctuated between 96.5 and a 98.8. I didn't vomit or have a fever between the beginning and now. Although, my very right side started to hurt by the ribs, almost feels on the surface, and yet not. Along the right side of my colon kind of itches, sometimes around the chest there's an occasional pain.

Went to see a doctor, and he was confused by it. There were no rebound pains of key places when he pressed around the abdomen, the urine test also came back fine, my blood pressure and vitals checked out. I'm having bowel movements, and he thinks it could be a virus but isn't sure just yet. I found out recently that, with the recent health care law changes, I am caught in an unexpected predicament and lost my job provided health insurance! He said he wants to make extra sure before referring me to a location he knows all about, that doesn't always do scans on these complaints, which often still goes undiagnosed when they do scans.

Anyway, I am coughing a little more which I thought was just from hunger originally. At first I couldn't handle eating anything without my ascending colon side itching. The appendix area however isn't bothering me as much. I'm drinking a lot of water, it almost seems like there might be pressure from the gunk trying to pass through the ascending side. Yet I'm still having bowel movements, I'm still passing gas etc. I notice similar unusual sensations starting to make way to the testicular region, idk if it's nerves or not. I also just started experiencing a mildly glass like feeling in the start of the.. penile(?) area, where the intestinal area right above it also felt sensitive before this came up. When drinking water before typing this, the ascending colon (right side) felt like it has most the sludge, though it felt like it created a partial blockage or something because the (I think) water started backing up, effecting the appendix area, and yet I'm urinating without any issue. I can't really tell if a virus is passing, or if the problem is just spreading through my intestine all the way to the exits. The side of my chest doesn't really have any pain anymore when i press on it which I suppose is a good sign, yet my chest is getting slightly itchier and I'm coughing more idk if that's from my drained head mucous or what. I don't want to die, and I really don't want to lose any organs. I'm a 26 yr old male who loves to exercise and has been healthy up to this point.

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  • Get your gallbladder and liver checked. I had to have my gallbladder removed from gallstones. It sounds similar to my experience but I didn't have itchiness or the ear/nasal problem that's probably totally seperate issue.
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    • October 14, 2014
    • 03:27 PM
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