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10.5 months injured PLEASE HELP!! I have young children!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 16, 2015
  • 11:57 PM

It started with sharp and un bearable muscle spasms in my lower right abdomen. Went to the dr- they thought Gaul bladder. Did blood test and there was nothing. Told me chest muscle tear and I'll be 3-4 weeks. Pain went to rib, felt like they were overlapping. Ribs and up the right side were un bearable and it started wrapping around to my back. Did a CT scan for every organ ex. and showed nothing. Had swelling on my right side plus now have a sharp pain on my hip flexor and I was unable to tuck a shirt in or wear a belt. I'm 2 months into the injury and have done physiotherapy Chiro and massage at this point. All of a sudden I can't sit anymore. I must use a kneeling stool at my desk. Still big time rib pain and up my side but now my hamstring at the sitting bone and through my butt is unbearable. 5 months in and I go for an MRI which shows some problems in my hip and some bulging in my back. Physiotherapy starts treating my hip, plus treating like a case of sciatic nerve. Can't do any work on my hamstring or it acts up like crazy. Still can't sit. Wasted my time for another couple months- went to see a new Chiro at 6 months. Right away he thought hip flexor. Gave me some stretches and I saw more improvement in 2 treatments than I did in 6 months. Tried progressing but weren't getting anywhere after 2 months. Hamstring still awful and I can't sit. I have had 2 shoulder surgeries- one took a tendon from my hamstring to tie down my ac joint. Now he thinks my hip flexor is over compensating for my hamstring-- we start small hamstring exercises. Anything we do for the hamstring automatically triggers it off and I'm in unbearable sitting pain. I'm always good laying down and I'm ok standing. Went for a skate-- all of a sudden my initial symptoms came back with my ribs, up my side and my lat. Now Chiro thinks possible oblique tear or hernia. Gave me some oblique exercise like creating pressure and expanding my stomach. Stomach is now swelling up like crazy and my hamstring get more aggravated. SOMEONE PLEASE MESSAGE ME AND HELP!!! I Have twins girls a year and a half old that I can barely play with. I can't even cut my grass never mind play sports OR JUST sit!! I'm 10.5 months injured now AND NEED HELP!!

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