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Gas bubbles in esophagus or what?!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 8, 2007
  • 06:04 AM

I am having increasing frequency of episodes that are driving me nuts. When an episode hits, it will almost always hit within 4 to 6 bites of food. Beef in any form is a frequent trigger. However, other things that will or have triggered it include: corn, baked potatoes, plain rice, baked chicken, slice of garlic bread, tomatoes, fried foods. This is not something that is coming up after a meal. This is when barely starting to eat.

I will have esophageal pain and gas in a bubble. I know it is a bubble as I have managed to throw up several of them and they do not break as soon as they hit another surface. They look like beached jellyfish and have a relatively thick surface for a bubble. Throwing up may or may not relieve the bubble or whatever the heck it is. Swallowing anything to get rid of the gas or whatever is NOT an option. Liquid will not go down. These stupid things are painful and embarrassing. Sometimes it feels like it pops and that's it. No gas comes up, no belching, no nothing. Other times, it will take two to three hours to get rid of whatever it is. In the meantime, no liquid will pass.

I have had several runs with failed biopsies. I have familial polyposis. I have had gallbladder surgery. Interestingly enough, getting rid of the gallbladder eliminated the attacks for nearly a year. They are increasing to about 1 a week. I even went to the ER during one major attack that hit while trying to eat at a restaurant, and the drs. did an EGD. No abnormalities were noted.

I do not have GERD. No ulcers, no weird things going on in the esophagus. The bubbles are mostly annoying except when they move and block off the epiglottis and cause lack of breathing ability.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Personally, I'd just like to know how to get rid of the blankety-blank things when they show up. I will have to have another EGD done soon as a routine thing since I am at a very high risk of cancer and/or other nasty things in the duodenum. In the meantime, these things are driving me absolutely batty.

BTW, I don't do spicy foods. No tobacco, no coffee, no alcohol. My one vice is diet coke; half the time I drink caffeine-free. I have all the hallmark fun things associated with not having a large intestine. Radical hysterectomy. Partial thyroidectomy due to folicular adenocarcinoma.

Someone is going to be nice enough, I know, to suggest seeing my doctor. I'm planning to do that and also schedule an appointment with my gastro. In the meantime, what are these things and how do I get rid of them???


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  • omg, this is exactly what I have!!!!!!!!!!!! it's like you take a bite of food but if you swallow too big a piece it's like it sits in your throat and won't go down. drinking anything just makes you feel more choked and won't go down, it's like a clogged sink, adding water just clogs it more. I just keep making myself puke hoping to get the chunk out that caused it but I notice huge bubbles that do not pop. both my mom and grandma have this issue too but my grandma is the worst! what is it from?
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    • November 21, 2014
    • 06:21 PM
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