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  • Posted By: taniaaust1
  • June 16, 2010
  • 10:50 AM

i was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD) two years ago and since then have seen 5 different psychologists, 4 different psychriatrists and been in hospital 3-5 different times due to this condition in past 2 years.

All the mental health people who was treating me or doing reports on me, all said i had severe BPD, so ive been having DBT etc for this but it hasnt helped much at all. With one BPD psychologist when the therapy was failing, telling me she just couldnt understand me.

While living with a doctor about a year ago, she informed me she was sure i had Asperger's (her son, ex husband and aunt had Asperger's, so she is very familiar with it). She got me to read some biographies written by Asperger's people and on further research, i found out at that point that yes, it did appear i had Asperger's. (with my daughter and father appearing to be actually autistic. both dont socialise well and both had bad learning difficulties with my father actually having to go to a special school. My daughter was biting people up to the age of 10, rocking etc).

After a NINE MONTH WAIT!! and sending big forms back which my mother and boyfriend had to fill out on me. i finally had a 2 hr assessment at the Autism society with 2 Autism/Asperger's specialists in this field and have now found out that ... i do actually have Asperger's. (very costly assessment, thou im on a disability pension, they arent free).

They said they couldnt take away my BPD diagnoses which were done by BPD specialists.. but they did appear to be a little doubtful over the BPD diagnoses due to the Asperger's. (i do fit all the BPD criteria too).

Thou i'd already realised myself that i have Asperger's, i still cried when they told me. It seems kind of unfair to have so many different diagnoses/conditions to deal with (developmental, mental and physical medical conditions) .. and such bad genes.

The Autism people are going to contact me again soon to work out what the best way to go about things with me is. They said they have a good library and some of the books there may help me, that maybe i can modify the advice for children to help me improve on some of the things i have a lot of trouble with (eg organisation).

i just wonder thou they werent specialists in Asperger's how can one see so many different Psychologists and psychriatrists and have so many different assessments.. and have this problem and none of them picked it up. (except a court ordered one recently who also noticed that i had many Asperger's traits and put that in a report.. my condition has gotten me into a lot of trouble due to my reactions and inability to deal with things).

To anyone out there reading.. dont think that a psychologist or psychriatrist who isnt an autism/Asperger's specialist will pick up on these things. They are more likely than not to MISS the diagnoses.

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