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Undiagnosed mystery symptoms resulted in persistent changes

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  • Posted By: DaveWestbrook
  • December 11, 2009
  • 10:13 AM

This all started to happen around March of this year, so I will do my best to recall any relevant information. I apologize in advance for the long post, I've been wondering about this for awhile and I'd like to be as descriptive as possible in case anyone recognizes a connection between these symptoms. I put alot of time into this post (2.5 hours) to hopefully make it as easy to read (I bolded the main points so you can skim over it) as possible, and I would appreciate the same respect, effort and care in the replys. Please don't let this mammoth of a post prevent you from reading it. Even if you just skim it, that increases my chances of finally getting some answers that no doctor could provide me with and I would really appreciate the input. Thanks in advance for your time!:D

Relevant background:
I am an otherwise healthy, average american male college student.
I had (what started as) protected sex early March 2009 with a girl I had met and hung out with a few times. The condom ended up breaking, and we stopped as soon as I realized it was no longer intact. I was worried about the risk of pregnancy, but she assured me it was low because we didn't finish and her period was just ending (thus I was probably exposed to her blood).

I believe this was on a Friday or Saturday at the beginning of March. Two days after that I woke up, noticing that I felt like I had a cold coming on, and went about my normal morning routine of a shower, when I noticed I had what can best be described as a zit on the penis head, a little above where the shaft meets the head. Naturally I freaked out because that is such an unnatural spot to have a zit. It was extremely painful and ended up popping a few days later. Like any other guy who notices something wrong down there, I immediately assumed the worst: STD.

Physical symptoms:
Now the time frame and sequence of events are a little hazy but I will do my best to recollect them. I never did have any other blisters ulcers or burning appear, but I came down with a very intense sickness that seemed to last about three weeks to four weeks. I mainly had flu-like symptoms: profound exhaustion, postnasal drip, intense chills/muscle aches, and an extremely foggy head. What was strange about this was that it would seem to semi or fully resolve for a day or two and then out of the blue it would come back very rapidly. One day (Over the course of an hour) I went from sitting in my dorm room relaxing and content to feeling intensely cold and achey. I also noticed a moderate to high abdominal pain right below my ribcage. I only got it a handful of times for 20 minutes to and hour and a half at a time, but it often was intense enough to where I could not stand up straight.

If this whole mystery sickness thing wasn't enough, I began to feel extremely paranoid and stressed out because I had never had anything worse than strep throat or the flu in my entire life. I honestly went insane for a couple weeks obsessing over trying to diagnose myself, as I lacked medical insurance and I really didn't want to fill my mom in on my whole scenario just yet. Then I began noticing changes in my skin and mouth, which sent my manic hypochondria through the roof.

Another strange symptom occurred for a couple of days where, immediately after I had eaten any sort of meal, my vision would get very strange and my mind would feel different, similar to the motion delay you get when you've had a few drinks, with an added psychedellic effect of flowing patterns and sparkles in my periphery.

Skin/mouth changes:
Again, I can't remember the exact timeframes on when these changes occurred, but it was approximately in that same three week time frame, and they occurred fairly rapidly as well.

Genital changes:
I believe the first thing I noticed was a mildly swollen cluster of tiny red dots where that initial zit had appeared which led me to checking out the area multiple times per day. Then my genitals became very dry and itchy, with a red, lacey sort of rash appearing on my scrotum. I noted a sudden increase (over a 24 hours period) in fordyce spots, both on genitals and lips, and sebaceous prominence, which I always had before but was hardly noticable, and the appearance of pearly penile papules.

My penis had become extremely wrinkled, and slightly discolored in certain places. Most notably, a couple of whitish grey patches appeared on the shaft. Skin seemed to thicken or puff up below the tip with a sponge-like appearance, more noticably on the left side. When stretched, this skin was much more sensitive to pain than the rest. Part of the tip seemed to swell up around some small circular white patches of skin. Developed a raised fleshy plaque on my shaft, which is soft, slightly lighter than my skin, and has an uneven, cauliflower type top. It seemed to resemble a wart, though after many hours of looking up all the HPV pictures I could find, I could not find any that closely resembled what I have. Upon stretching that plaque a deep purple bump-like structure appears, similar to the way a vein looks.

Skin changes:
Over this entire period my skin felt itchy and generally dry all over. I developed what I believe were hives, or some kind of intensely itchy and flakey rash, that was severe enough to where when I took off my black shirt, the inside looked like it was sprinkled with flour. I also noted a rapid development a rash a consisting of multiple round slightly raised white papules which occurred on my back, neck, and chest. Upon stretching my skin, papules become more prominent and jagged, linear plaque-like lines appear running vertically up the affected area with a very fine red, lacy pattern between the lines.

Oral changes:
My mouth had also started to change. I had developed some white patches with a dark purple surrounding area on the lateral undersides of my tongue, which seemed to be roughly in the same spot on both sides. It was not thrush as I could not scrape it off. The inside of my lips develped a series of hard, whitish greyish bumps that are extremely apparent upon the stretching of the lip. My gums developed a white/grey rough sandpapery like appearance directly above the tooth for a quarter of an inch, and above that the gum was a dark red. The roof of my mouth had also turned white.

Hand/nail changes:
My hands had developed some white, slightly raised papules on the skin above the joints. I believe it was around 3-4 weeks after I began feeling sick that my nails appeared very pale, and deveoped Terry's Nails: deep red, lateral bands across the ends of my nails appx. 1/16 in. in thickness. These lasted roughly 5 to 6 months on my fingernails and still appear occasionally, but more often on my toes. Also, my nails (almost entirely exclusive to my left hand) began to recede. Basically, the nail started to lift up from the nail bed

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