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Many problems: Digestion, Fatigue, Sleep, Joints, Muscles...help! At wits end! :-(

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  • Posted By: kiwisoup
  • September 18, 2009
  • 04:46 AM

As soon as I turned 20 (3 years ago), seemed that all sorts of problems started to happen. Help! I'm uninsured but have seen a doctor who didn't seem to have any idea, his best guesses were Lyme disease and Rheumatoid arthritis, which I think are way off base. Everyone I've asked has told me something different: CFS, Ciliac, Fibromialgia...list goes on. I'm at my wits end and don't know what else to do here :(. It seems that malnutrition/malabsorption could be a likely culprit to affect such a wide range of symptoms and I was recently trying a gluten-free diet because I thought it may be celiac disease, but I've been on the diet for over 2 weeks and notice very little, if any difference. My diet isn't a the best diet ever, but I wouldn't call it a bad diet by any means.

-Chronic Fatigue: Always feel like I'm dragging myself around. Very tired all the time, physically and emotionally.

-Sleep Problems: Unrefreshing sleep: weather I sleep 2 hours or 12, I never feel refreshed. I have to force myself out of bed or I will just keep sleeping all day. I've also started to snore and sleep with my mouth open which I don't believe I did before.

-Joint and Muscle Problems: Muscles feel weak, fatigued, tender and achy, especially in knees, but not painful. Applying pressure at joints causes burning sensation as if many reps on a weight machine were just done. Knees feel and appear swollen when on feet for extended amount of time, even once culminating with liquid in my knees.

-Digestion Problems: Constant feeling of fullness and bloating. Mixed up sense of hunger, such as being hungry when I'm full and full when I should be hungry. Very gassy; I feel like a muffler at times! Infrequent movements (2-3 times a week!) Distended stomach, which is very unusual for me, I've never been even slightly overweight. Floating stoole. Spicy food causes very intense heartburn, constant feeling of fullness. I believe I had food poisoning about a year ago and threw up black coffee-ground like blood.

Mental: Very bad memory and drastically increased ADD, it's really affecting my work! Lacking motivation or interest to do normal everyday activities that I used to do or enjoy to do.

-Other: All lymph nodes swollen. Lots of phlegh in throat, especially in the morning or after having dairy.

-Skin: Although starting about 6 years ago (much earlier than other symptoms) I seem to have developed an allergy to some soaps, shampoos, oxyclean, etc...they cause small pimple like blisters on my body, between fingers and toes and scalp especially. Body breakouts have been avoided for a long time due to avoiding known triggering brands, but I still always have a few blisters on my scalp. They are very itchy and painful. May not have a relation to other symptoms, but figured I should share just in case. More recently however (past year), I've started getting what appears to be cystic acne on my face, very deep, large, long-lasting pimples.

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