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Thirst brought on by sweet drinks

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 25, 2006
  • 09:48 AM

I've had this problem for over a month now. I noticed I was getting thirsty a lot, generally after a meal. After a few days of this, I told my parents I was worried I may have diabetes. I did have a family history of it after all. A few days later, I noticed a sweet smell to my urine and brought the subject up again. Again, it was dismissed. Then I started getting other symptoms that followed the thirst. The first one I noticed was stomach pain. I'd burp, but it would only make me feel worse. Later symptoms I noticed were bloating due to gas and constant bathroom trips. Since these attacks happened mainly at night, I couldn't sleep due to the stomach pain and constant need to urinate (not necessarily urinating a lot, but often).

I was frightened the first time I experienced the severe stomach pain. Since I was thinking diabetes, I had been looking up symptoms online and thought I might have been experiencing ketoacidosis. So I went to the doctor for the first time. The test for diabetes was negative. The doctor diagnosed me with allergic rhinitis, I believe, and a fungal infection of the mouth. A test on a later trip showed that the white coat was not caused by a fungus. He discounted the urine smell entirely which kind of upset me. I decided to pick up some test strips for ketones just to make sure. The result each time was between none and trace.

The second visit was when the stomach problem got worse and proved it was not just a one time thing. I was told to take pepcid each day along with antacids as needed. This is where I had the test showing there was no fungus along with a CBC and other blood tests I don't remember. I was told everything was normal. The pepcid, tums, and mylanta gas seemed to take care of the stomach problems, but the urination still followed and still kept me awake.

By the third doctor visit, I was a nervous wreck. I had slept about 12 hours in the past week. I had the occasional foot or hand go numb as well as abdominal pains. I was starting to suspect what I was drinking was the cause. One of the worst attacks I had noticed to this point was after having a Dunkin Donuts smoothie, supposedly to celebrate being diabetes-free. Soon after having the small-sized smoothie, I was completely parched. I was afraid to eat or drink anything for fear it might make me sick. The third visit, I had more blood taken and a urine test done. I'm not sure whatever it was being tested for, but I was told everything was normal. I was also told that on my previous appointment, my white blood cell counts were elevated, which might have been normal for me considering they were also elevated during my physical a couple months back. I was set up for an appointment for a CT scan the next day.

I didn't like needing the CT scan for 2 reasons. First of all, I can't stand to take 1 cup full of alka seltzer in water, yet I had to find a way to down a liter of a nasty barium cocktail. The other reason is that I've been unemployed ever since I finished college, I'm uninsured, and my parents are footing my bills. In any case, I head in to take the CT scan. After running the scan once, they decide to try using a contrast, but can't seem to find a vein for the IV, so they make do with just the barium. Everything comes out normal.

I'm finally able to sleep regularly at this point. My parents feel it's because I'm getting over whatever I have. I feel it's because I've changed my diet. My parents don't like me diagnosing myself, but it is affecting my life. I'd been wondering if possibly fructose intolerance could have been to blame and start to replace the juices I used to pretty much live on with milk. I go off the Pepcid for a few days and don't experience much trouble. I try re-including orange juice and have problems again, so I give it up.

This doesn't last for long until I have to see the doctor again. This time not related to any of the thirst or stomach issues. This time, the problem is with my shoulder. This may or may not be coincidence, but around the same time I started experiencing these other problems, I also experienced some problems with my right shoulder. At first, it only hurt if I moved it in certain ways. I was a bit worried that it wasn't going away, but by this point, over a period of a few days, it took a sudden turn for the worst. Now it hurt severely even if I wasn't doing anything with it. This was bad especially at night with no comfortable sleeping position. The doctor prodded my shoulder to find where it hurt, then had X-rays taken. He diagnosed me with tendonitis and mentioned seeing calcium deposits. He prescribed ibuprofen. Given that stomach problems were a side effect of the medicine, I decided to stop experimenting with juices for the most part. All of my other symptoms are pretty much gone now except for abdominal pain, mostly on my right side, just above the waist. I've also been experiencing a lot of constipation ever since having to down that barium cocktail.

Which brings me to now. I've been off my ibuprofen this weekend and feel no pain in my arm, maybe just a little popping if I move it around. Tonight, I had a doughnut as a late night snack. I wasn't particularly thirsty, but I tried washing it down with about half a glass of cider. I've since had to drink about a full glass of water and I'm still feeling thirsty, though thankfully the stomach problems haven't cropped up. I used to just about live on these juices, and now it's like I might as well be drinking seawater. I just want to know what this is, so I don't have to worry anymore and can go back to a normal life (well, start striving for a normal life at least).

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