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“Rare Allergy Condition Developed or Coincidence?”

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  • Posted By: JettaTDI
  • July 31, 2009
  • 06:24 PM

:confused: On July 25, 2008. While on our way to a wedding. We were involved in a rear end collision while stopped in traffic waiting. My daughter Katie (18) was in the front seat passenger’s side. My daughter Melissa (18) was in the rear seat passengers side and I was driving Dave (52). The car was a 2002 Subaru Forester. It took the hit from a Chevy 4x4 on right rear side sending us flying into the car in front and grazing then into the ditch where we then drove down the median a bit to get away from any further impacts from other cars. My daughter Melissa in the rear seat had back and neck injury as well as myself. Katie did not have any results of whiplash. But what happened to her was. She had her cell phone in her left hand during the impact. We all had our belts on. Her left hand came up and the cell phone struck her in the centre of the forehead. This caused a red bump with key pad imprint in purple. It did not hurt and was just funny looking. While we were suffering the whiplash Katie was just fine besides her bump. It went down quite fast maybe a couple hours and it was gone to sight. We then went and got another vehicle as ours was totalled off and could not be driven. We were quite impressed at the time how hard of a hit it took and we basically walked away a little sore and bruised. This was on a Friday at 530pm. We then went to our Hotel 4 Hours away. We stayed in our hotel and went to the wedding the next day. Then after the wedding we went to the reception. When salad was served Katie had the salad. Shortly after she started to notice she had hives starting and she was getting flushed and started having a hard time to breath. We then rushed her to a hospital where they gave her Benadyril and IV. And issued an epée pen She later cleared up and they said it was an allergy. Katie has never had an allergy in her life. They then told her to see our doctor and he said yes an allergy most likely to peanuts. But she would need further testing. Which in fact was a waiting list of 6 months. She was just tested last week. So it took this long. We had a reaction at a Ringette game she was in at the end of the game. She came off the ice flushed and choking for air. The epée pen had to be administered right away then rushed her to the hospital. The hospital figured that someone had touched a doorknob that maybe had a chocolate bar with nuts or something and it entered through her palm of her hand from contact with a door ***b or something like that?

Like I mentioned it took this long to get tested. We now know she is Rare High and had to be switched to medic alert bracelet and a three-part epée pen. She is highly at risk. And when she reacts the place where she had the bump on her head. Swells up like it did in the accident. However it does not go red with the purple imprint. It goes white and has the key pad imprint.

Now my question is. Has anyone ever heard of this? Is a car accident a potential for allergies? Did our accident cause this condition? Knowing about the cell phone and the bump is there a relation? Any help is appreciated.


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