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is this strep? or wat? symptoms listed.

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  • Posted By: LGS808
  • July 23, 2009
  • 09:16 AM

this may be the wrong place to post this thread but i couldnt find anywhere else.....ever since firday i have been diagnosed w/ strep throat (or just throat infection) and givin bioparox..all the doc did is look inside the throat..no throat culture or swab. symptoms are simple...normal strep symptoms, headaches at times...abdomonal pains ar times and my throat at times can hurt but not a severe pain.....the tonsils are enlarged still and this started out from the lymph nodes enlarging but they aren't now. i can feel the tonsils enlarged but i can eat and drink better...if i rinse my mouth with the salt+water then it can get sore and drinking tea+lemon. is it possible to have it still, is the anti-biotic weak or is it a viral infection that goes away on its own...i do feel better but i still just feel the tonsils enlarged and they aren't getting larger or anything....i had strep 2 years ago and was painful but this infection doesnt give as much pain and its not constant...my neck is also sometimes stiff and slight pain but thats all associated with strep. as asked..is it viral? a new anti-biotic, is one needed? do i need to see the doc again? or will it go on its own.


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  • Could be autoimmune -- if you've had trouble with your tonsils before, sometimes your body can simply attack them randomly, especially if you've had lots of tonsil-related infections in the past. It could also be a histamine recation -- try taking an anti-histamine (allergy medication) and see if your symptoms improve. Neck stiffness and swollen lymph nodes can be associated with severe viral infections, such as Mono...but trust me, you'd know if you were sick with Mono. Sometimes, (but not terribly often) sore throats and swollen glands can result from parasitic infections which settle in the lungs, leading to nausea and abdominal pain when they make their way to your stomach via you coughing them up and swollowing the mucus into your stomach. This later leads to intestinal distress, as you pass them that way.Swollen lymph nodes mean your body is either fighting an infection, or thinks it is (as is the case often with autoimmune illnesses). If it's only the lymph nodes on your neck that are swollen, keep an eye on them. If you find it difficult to turn your neck to either side, you may have viral infection -- and in that case, antibiotics will do you no good. Don't garggle too much salt water, swallowing even a little can lead to dehydration which can present a whole slew of symptoms suggestive of illnesses you don't actually have. Try the antihistamine and see if your symptoms improve. If not, go back to the doctor and get a proper throat culture. This doesn't sound like strep to me at all. If you develope other symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, or blurry vision, see a doctor immediatly as this can be indicative of very serious, life-threatening conditions. Likely not life-threatening in your case, but keep an eye on yourself just in case. :o)Good Luck, and feel better.
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  • I think if you finished the antibiotics and you're not better you should definitely go back to the doctor. They might give you stronger antibiotics or if its viral may be some idea of how long it'll take to go.
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