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  • Posted By: MSulli33
  • July 18, 2009
  • 05:03 AM

Have been to 4 dermatologist, 2 General Practitioners, 1 ER visit, dentist and infectious disease doctor.
Diagnose fungal infection dermotitis, lesions visible Dr. stumped?
Lesions Face feels like biting or stinging (2nd or 3rd area infected)
Large lump on back of head/neck – has been biopsied – no cancer and came back with a vengeance and increased all symptoms after they biopsied.
Lesions Arm (4th place infected) Left arm has a large lump kind of like back of my neck now.
Lesions Chest (1st area infected I think)
Lesions Buttocks (1st or 2nd area infected)
Lesions foot (hands and feet have been the last places infected)
Lesions Hand (hands and feet have been the last places infected)
Veins in arm larger and more pronounced
Thin hard translucent red rod like streak on face moves from nose to cheek to lip
Black sand like specs on skin (thought was dirt at first but now it just appears no matter where I am or what I am doing)
Confusion and hard to concentrate – difficulty organizing my thoughts (something I was very good at prior to this)
Pressure in my jaw in the morning feels like if I move my mouth I might break the right side of my jaw.
Agitated /no libido.
Extreme fatigue (last 2 months May and June ‘09) last 2 weeks has been most sever normally up by 6am and having hard time moving by 9:30am.
Extremely Sensitive to bright lights (was driving and could not keep one of my eyes open it kept closing and oozing)
Blurry vision at times never in both eyes at the same time but have experienced in each eye.
Eyes become bloodshot for no reason (indoors at work with no irritant) I look like I’m on drugs this is getting increasingly worse.
Something floated across my eye looked like very small worm (only happened once)
Skin color fluctuates from very dark to very red to normal or blotch normal sometimes pasty feel to skin (primarily upper extremities and face)
Hairs on my arms seem to have increased and stand-up (like if you created static electricity and ran it across your arm)
Feet, from toes to about halfway up my foot turning black – when this happens it is typically accompanied by a bad cramp and then numbness
Sensation of something in my mouth/bad taste is better with gargling hydrogen peroxide and oral nastin
Fungus coating tongue still there with V-fend, and oral nastin
Healthy Teeth breaking when not eating just speaking (was at a meeting and my tooth just broke in half) have had serious oral problems since beginning. Feels like something is moving under my right back tooth.
Deep lines in my tongue that won’t heal? Update 7/17/09 some days little lines but today 2 deep gouges tounge really hurts and swollen.
Lips crack and very dry some days then other days are fine can see something moving in and out of the corner right side of mouth and lips
Swollen hands and feet every morning my face is swollen much of the time also. The days where facial swelling resides I have had people tell me I look like I have lost 15lbs and I have not lost any weight.
Some type of film over my toe nails very hard substance and underneath toenails – very very difficult to cut toe nails
May have started in 2006 when I had major pain in my tooth went to dentist on a Thursday and he took xray said there was no infection but went ahead and gave me a antibiotic and pain pill. On Friday called the dentist back because my face on the right side was swelling pain was increasing where pain meds were not alleviating the pain at all. He advised to stay the course so I did. By Sunday my entire right side of my face had swollen so much that I could not see out of my right eye and was in excruciating pain. He advised I go to the ER which I did they saw an abscess in my gum at the rear of my mouth right side (which was not there on Thursday) They gave me IV drip of pain med and antibiotics and drained the abscess. This worked and no other dental work was performed. After this event I began getting what I thought was deep acne but presented more like, what I know now, is a lesion.
Migraine type headaches at times. Massive
Ear pain until something broke through the skin then immediately went away.
Cravings for sweets Seriouse craving for Mocha
Muscle cramps in feet and legs sometimes for hours where hot water, walking etc.. does not release the cramp (does not feel like traditional Charlie horse) The pain is much stronger and typically happens right after I lay down to go to bed.
Joint pain right knee
Blood pressure continued to increase with a normal range for me now being around 137/93 was just a couple of months ago 120/80 consistentl/ blood pressure has not been normal in over 2 months
Normal blood work showing consistent reduction in protein levels and elevated glucose levels.
7/7/09 – symptoms getting worse – feel heavy pressure and movement in abdomen(from above pelvis upward) (doubled over) Vomiting past 3 days (stringy things worm-looking with white thick mucus or bile coating) – lesions increasing all over body – feels like I am dying – hard to hear out of my left ear and my voice keeps coming and going over last 4 days. My heart has suddenly begun racing and will stop as quickly as it started.
7/10/09 – My voice will come and go mid-sentence – very nerve racking – have to strain to speak. Seems to be some lump in the roof of mouth and still on right check. Good news is right cheek lesion is getting better with the DSP jeff gave me. Guess I should get some of my own – reminder to ask where to get…
7/14/09 – Tongue has the white coating again (fungus I’m sure) but it is very swollen and painful. Can’t eat when I chew the fungus is attaching to the food and coming off in tear shape white balls.
7/16/09 – can’t fit into any of my pants my stomach looks like I am pregnant (just menstruated can’t be – much less no sex so…) –
7/17/09 – Thank god the stomach has gone down quite a bit but have awful burps. Husband made comment that he has noticed how seldom I urinate and was wondering what I was doing different. I use to urinate very frequently and multiple times a night, now I go only a couple of times a day. Maybe due to mouth hurting - There is a new nickel size lump on the left side of my belly button – does not hurt.
Prescription Medications Tried:
· V-Fend
· Fluconazole
· PICC Line Antibiotic
· Nastin Oral
· Clindamycin
· Antifungal topical (prescription and over the counter)
· Doxycycline HYC
Supplements Using :
· Calcium w/ vit D
· Omega 3
· Vitamin C
· B-6 & B-12
· Magnesium
· Chromium
· Green Tea
· Garlic
· Nasin
· Vitamin A
Any suggestions?

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