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Impotence (please please help)

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 19, 2006
  • 05:51 PM

I am 27 years old. At the age of 12 I smoked my first cigarette. I smoked many cigarettes (though not fully addicted) until now. So during high-school and before I reached full maturity. I also smoked marijuana at 15, before reaching full maturity. I also starting drinking alchoal at age 15. At age 16 I started smoking, drinking, and smoking marijuana a lot. I remember knowing that it was shrinking my penis. I had no doudt that it was affecting it. I also was never able to ejaculate with a women unless I did it myself. So, not able to ejaculate during intercourse or oral sex. So I have always had a problem with sensitivity. But the problem only became really bad when I went to college at 18 and got depressed. Before I had several instances where I would not be able to perform but it got much worse at 18 when I was severely depressed until now. During that time I took many anti-depressents and abused marijuana. The problem got much worse when I was very depressed and was prescribe Geadone (an anti-psychotic) and at the same time smoked a lot of marijuana. I noticed that my testicles began to shrink severely as well as my penis. That was a year ago. Since then I hardly touched marijuana and alchohol and cigarettes, though when I do I notice that it is very detrimental. But it has been close to a year of relative sobriety and I am off anti-depressents, but still the problem persists. I have almost no libido and very few sexual thoughts. I realize psyhological issues are a slight part of the problem but I am very sure that it is physical. Because my penis and testicles have definitely shrunk and my libido is virtually non-existent and I rarely have erections. Even when I do they are much softer than when I was more healthy. One doctor examined it and said the anti-depressents and Geodone seem to have caused temporary nerve damage but should go away when I stop the meds. It is smaller and much softer even when erect, the orgasms are still as enjoyable but the sensitivity is not good. So there seems to have been nerve damage. My testicles have also shrunk, so I might have testicular atrophy, but it seems unlikely. Other medical factors to consider are: Polycythemia Vera, Hernia surgery as a baby, and for two weeks I took a legal Androgen from GNC that might have done something, but I doubt it. Possibly the blood issue plays a role and maybe the hernia and the surgery, because when I pick up heavy things it seems to shrink, but that should not be causing this much of a problem. My testosterone level is actually very good according to my tests. And three doctors said there is no reason why I should have this problem. I believe the excessive drug use and alchoal and cigarette use before reaching puberty are the cause and the subsequent use of anti-depressents (as well as Lithium which caused me to have an over-active Thyroid, that might be a factor as well) and especially the Geodone, which seems to be the straw that broke the camels back. I would like to know what I should do? Go to a sexoligist, a urologist? What tests to take? What you think it might be? And what pills I should take or gels or shots, to reverse the shrinking of the genitals, fix the nerves, and not have E.D.?
You have no idea how much this meens to me. If you can please help me out with the problem I would really really appreciate it.
Thank you so much,

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