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Dizziness, Panic, And Depression

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  • Posted By: ohansen
  • June 2, 2009
  • 11:09 PM


I'm hoping some people here can help me to understand what's going on with me.

For several years I've suffered from extreme panic attacks and depression. The problem is that I get extremely dizzy and disoriented during these times. Even when I'm not actively anxious I'll have weeks on end of extreme dizziness and unsteadiness. I've read about depersonalization and derealization in regard to panic attacks, and I suffer from this also. I'm finding it extremely hard to function because of this constant feeling of being "out of it". It's like my feet aren't where I expect them to be. Sometimes the floor feels 3 feet higher than it is, and objects seem tilted or out of sorts.

Any help you people can offer is most appreciated. This disorder has become very disabling and I'm just trying to live a normal life.

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  • I have the same thing exactly. I bought a home course on panic disorders and am working with it and having good results. IT was around $500 for the course of audio/video tapes and workbooks. I've had my heart checked, it's fine. Next going to have a brain MRI. I'm hoping it's just the panic disorder (even though I think it's under control now) still causing the disoriented "out of it" spacy feelings.
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  • are u on any drugs or something or any substance abuse.in my opinion if the symptoms are not related to any medical condition you should consult a psychiatrist.Has anything bad happened to you in the past, what exactly do you panic off any particular precipitating factors you have noticedlet me knowGood Luck
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  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will help you with the anxiety (panic) and the depression. I have a good suspicion that once those are under control, your dizziness will be too. Seek out a therapist who specializes in CBT. You shouldn't have to live like this and can get better very quickly if you try out this approached. I know because I have been where you are and it solved my anxiety (including panic attacks) and my major depression.
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  • Well first you have to know that the body reacts very aggressively to stress. A panic attack is that- your body hitting the panic button. I would say that you should get some ativan- try taking it at the onset of an event or just before. Then you will know if it is an unrelated symptom. If you take the ativan and the dizziness is still there then I would say it is something else. If it gets better then the dizziness is a symptom of the extreme stress that your body experiences when it has a panic attack. Many people go to the ER with a panic attack thinking it is a heart attack. Remember that. The feeling of a panic attack is severe enough for people to believe they are dying. If you doc will give you small dosage amounts of ativan you can use the minimum you need for relief. You might actually feel better fairly immediately with ativan. You might need something more long term like Celexa which is a really good anti anxiety out right now. Every person is different and you might need to try several before you find the one that works.I am sorry that is not really immediate. Remember depression can effect the body in many ways.
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  • I was having bad bouts of dizziness and panic attacks about 5 yrs ago. After many, many tests it came down to total vestibular loss in my left ear. It's kind of hard to do but, if you can tell which happens first that might help. If you feel the dizziness first AND then the panic attack then I would go to an ENT specializing in balance disorders. I'm on Paxil for it and that helps alot. I hope this helps. Joyce
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  • Meditation and mindfulness can do the same as anti-anxiety meds, without the side effects or long-term problems associated with these meds. Lucipearl70 is correct in that panic attacks are your body's expression of the fight or flight response-- the sympathetic response of your autonomic nervous system. Sometimes, just learning the factual information about what causes a panic attack can help you to calm your own mind about them and even prevent them in the future. I cured my panic attacks without the use of meds, so I know it can be done.
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  • could it possibly be vertigo? or an equalibrium(sp?) problem?
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